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Posted by kellyorchard - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kellyorchard - 3 years ago

Hi BartyB

Is it possible for you to give me a call?

0297 792108


Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

OK, first question is what do you mean by 100% connection? are you getting as far as a good enough signal to set the freesat box up and it's not showing 100% on the set up? if that's it, don't worry, you're unlikely to get better than 80either strength or quality (depending on the dish size.

You do have an unobstructed view to the South East?, if not, cut some trees or move the dish

The single most common mistake folk make is to look at a compass and point the dish towards 28 degrees East of South, you need to be pointing to aprox 40 degrees EoS, from Brittany 28 will land you spot on Astra1... Have a look at www.dishpointer.com select Astra 2a, c, d &f, put in your address and zoom in and move the pin to the exact position of your dish and and pick a landmark on the line to point your dish at.

Set the LNB so that the cable connectors are pointing to nearly 7 o'clock looking toward the front of the dish.

Rmember that you're aiming at something the size of  transit van 30,000miles away and one degree of movement up & down or Side to Side is the difference between a perfect signal and no signal.

Be patient, you'll get there