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EDF Assistance Depannage

Posted by moonraker44 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by jon1527-382280 - 3 years ago

Hi, we pay EDF monthly as well ,We usually get an annual statement / bill in july which I think is the anniversary of when we took over the supply. Be aware they take any outstanding amount directly from your bank account or in fairness any overpayment above a certain amount goes straight back in as well.  Shortly afterwards we get a statment advising us what the monthly amount will be for the coming year.

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Posted by sunshinedays - 3 years ago

Hi Phil, the letters that we sent were typed by the wife of the man who runs our insurance office. We went to visit her and she phoned EDF for us on their French number. Her letters talk specifically about the phone calls as well as the fact the money was taken unlawfully. 

We started paying for this insurance after we phoned EDF to upgrade our electricity as the meter kept tripping. Apparenly this is something that EDF has been doing when someone phones them for whatever. We never asked for this service and at no time received a letter about it. 

Can you remember calling them for something and did your account have the money deducted after that time?

Here is the 1st and 2nd letter we sent. You need to take out what doesn't apply in  your case or change the words then cut and paste into 'Google Translate' it will change it for you into French. 

1st Letter

Re: assistance depannage electricite

Dear Sir, Madam,

Following our telephone conversation of this day, I confirm you hereby my termination request Assistance Depannage Electricite, contract I never sign or even demand. I do not speak french, I have only recently discovered this option, after having payee for 5 years. So I ask you the reimbursement of these five years undue levies.

I remain at your disposal to request complementary information.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards


2nd Letter

Re: assistance depannage electricite 

Dear Sirs,

Despite my request for a complete refund of the wrongfully sums paid to your services for the assistance dépannage électricity option, you contented yourself with transferring 60 euros on our bank account. This is the amount for a single year. You owe us 4 others as i have found the first bill with the mention of the option and it is from 2010, the year when we called you to simply change the electric power of our meter.

Moreover on the 26th of August i called your claim hotline to talk about this and the case, by the look of it, has been closed without further investigation as i've already received the email message asking me to give my appreciation of the services provided. I voice it here : it is bad.

Waiting for the payment of the rest of the money that were taken off our account without our explicit consent nor the signature of any document, yours faithfully.

I hope this is helpful. I have translated them in Google Translate and as you can see they don't translate into very good English.  You need to put your EDF contract number and your email address. They email you so you will hear from them quicker than waiting for a letter. We did receive a letter regarding the first refund though. 

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Posted by jackelliot - 3 years ago

Can someone please tell me if I should have had a bill by now. We bought our place last October,  the estate agent set up the electricity up for us over the telephone.  Giving the previous owners reading.  Since then a man came beginning of May read the metre. We pay 60 euro a month for two adults,  just hot water, heating is wood. I don't know if we are paying over the odds or does this all sound normal here. By the way we have never had or signed any contracts,  for both electric or water.

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Posted by moonraker44 - 3 years ago

Many thanks sunshinedays.

I'm having no joy with them, they keep fobbing me off with, "we'll be in touch" and so forth.

Any chance you could email me a copy of your letter so that I can use it as a template, it appears to have worked for you!!


Moonraker (phil35@gmx.com)

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Posted by sunshinedays - 3 years ago

UPDATE: Hi, just to let you know that EDF have decided to refund our money that they took unlawfully. After the first letter they refunded only one year of this insurance but not being happy with that another letter was sent and I have heard today they are paying the remainder back. Hooray!!

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Posted by moonraker44 - 3 years ago

Sorry to hear your have the same problem as us.

Please keep us posted as to how you get on, we'll do the same.


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Posted by Emu-408495 - 3 years ago

Found this on the net, might be of use to you

Si vous souhaitez le résilier, voici ce que prévoient les Conditions Générales de Vente de ce service (que vous avez reçues), disponibles ici : 

"A l'issue de la première année d'adhésion le Client peut résilier son adhésion à tout moment en adressant à EDF un courrier à l'adresse mentionnée sur son courrier de demande d'adhésion ou sur sa dernière facture.

Vous pouvez donc envoyer un courrier à EDF (si vous bénéficiez de ce service depuis plus d'un an), du style : 

"Nom Prénom 
N° de client 

Madame, Monsieur, 

Je vous informe par la présente lettre que je souhaite résilier à compter de ce jour le service "Assistance Dépannage Electricité".


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Posted by Emu-408495 - 3 years ago

You just need to contact EDF to cancel it.  

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Posted by sunshinedays - 3 years ago

Hi, I have just looked at our bills and have been paying this charge also. I have looked back at all the online blls (can't go back any further) and have paid in total 270.85 euro.

At no time did we agree to this or made aware of it. Maybe you are supposed to opt out but at no time have we received any letters regarding this. 

We have all our insurances with a local broker so will go and see him for what we can do.

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Posted by Emu-408495 - 3 years ago

I believe that this is a monthly charge of 4.90 but it is an insurance contract with AXA and not directly a service from EDF.  As with any insurance you need to comply with cancellation requirements and, also, as with any insurance, past payments for the service are not refundable. You must have, at some time, agreed to have this service, possibly by phone and not realised you were agreeing to it.  Always a good idea to scrutinise bills and make sure you know exactly what you are being charged for and if you fully agree with the amounts.