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Posted by plouyepaul - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by brian61 - 3 years ago

Since 1 Jan 2014 there are no tax rebates for solar panels, but if you install both solar panels and a wind turbine you can get a rebate of 30% of the material used. So in the case you are quoting the total cost of material would be around 21k€ plus say 9k€ for installation costs for a total price of 30k€. The usual "hike" is to get you to sign up for a loan where the monies made from selling your electricity do not even cover the loan repayments. Be very careful when dealing with anyone pretending to be representing EDF.

If you want to install around 20m² of panels fully integrated into your south facing roof expect them to be able to generate 3kWc of electricity which will earn you around 1200€ per year tax free. Cost of installation/paperwork etc should be no more than 12k€.

In my opinion a serious local artisan is better than a salesman after his commission from one of the large National "con" companies. All serious artisans will have a Quali'Pv qualification (which they receive annual training) where each customer has to give feedback. You can find a list of certified artisan from the Quali'Pv site. Always get 3-5 devis so that you can compare materials and prices.

Read my previous posts on this subject and search this site for "solar" or "photovoltaique"

There is a site where individual producers (like myself) post their monthly production so that it can be compared with others. They also list materials used and the installation company. Might be worthwhile checking what is around you off their map. Just keep zooming in until you get your local area then click on individual sites for details.

Hope that this helps.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Researching this myself. Seems a ground based systems as preferable if you have the land as the panels can be cleaned and run cooler - air flows behind them easier than on a roof.  Also cheaper to install as does not need scaffold or a cherry picker. The further benefit is inclination can be changed summer to winder with a positive effect on PV productivity.

There is a lot of variance in PV panel efficiency from 13-17% and costs. The cheapest  also may be life limited on the warranty and the efficieny of the panels over time - it drops off at the end of life. Panels are improving all the time. 

You can now use a battery support system  that you can load in the day and run systems off  through the night  as needed - both SMC and Tesla are in this market. It can add €2000 to the system costs. 

Besides this there is the benefit of adding a stockage tank to take surplus energy before going ot hte battery pack. Surplus energy can be fed to EDF but the Feed in  trariff is limited now so may make sense to use in the home. There seems a limit in Franc eon the size of system. About 12 panels will be a nominal 3kw + system.

Only decisions made so far is ground based for 12 panels. Panel choice still open. Inverter SMA together with Battery pack - all parts need NF certification. Will maintain EDF link even if only used marginally as a fall back solution.



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Posted by plouyepaul - 3 years ago

For anyone considering installing solar PV panels, here is a website that provides a precise sun exposure and estimated output of your planned installation via google earth. You can draw an outline of the roof you intend using and it will rovide all the stats for your location throughout the year and a total output.


Hope this is helpful, Paul

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Posted by PeaSea-411273 - 3 years ago

We had 12 pv panels installed 2 years ago by a local company. They produce between 3000.to 3500 kw per year @ 34 cents per kw. The first year you get 10 per cent of the cost back via your tax return. Our installation cost was approx 12000 euros. This works out at a return of 10% per annum.

With interest rates at vertually nil. ITS a no brainer.

If you need any more details contact me

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

I would be interested to know what the average output of these modern PV panels is per square metre in watts.