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EDF Tarif Bleu, Heurese Creuses not functioning

Posted by menagerie-389151 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by menagerie-389151 - 3 years ago

oh yes, well said last poster!  With 2 houses on one meter we do have that problem from time to time, there is some clever thing that an electrician can fit to avoid tripping out by selecting some (not vital) electrical device to deactivate when the demand exceeds your supply, thus avoiding tripping out.


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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

Storms can wreck the unit that receives the radio signal that switch the meter over from heures pleine to heures creuse. We once had a storm that wrecked the remote meter reading unit in the wall by the road side. When EDF opened the box, the inside was completely ruined. Not only that, but the remote sender unit must have sent a pulse to the meter in the garage during the storm, as EDF had to replace the meter as well.

Assuming you have an electric heater Iin the water tank, then you should benefit from the heures creuse tariff, in addition to using the diswasher, washing machine and tumble dryer at night. A word of warning though - set appliances to operate at different times if possible, otherwise you might go over your maximum current demand, eg if everything is running at the same time, you might be drawing say 9 kVA instead of say 6, depending on what you are signed up to.

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Posted by menagerie-389151 - 3 years ago

Thank you to so many who have taken the trouble to post on this.

Firstly, yes, silly typo error, not 13.30 but 1.30 (typing in the dark!)

"Virago", very helpful analysis and I so agree about the inconvenience of setting everything overnight.

"Littlefish"........spot on for us I think, our heures creuses counter has not moved since Thursday night now so we clearly have a technical fault.  Will have to have another go on Monday to get some attention from EDF!

So far as what we all think about the Tarif Bleu and its advantages (or not) it is so individual, for us, we have our own needs plus those of our rental house to consider, with the best will in the world renters cannot be expected to play the electricity economy game whilst on holiday, so I will have to do a calculation like "Virago" did to see what is best for us.

A subject worth exploring anyway!  Perhaps our glitch has made a few more look at what's best for them.

Over and out!


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Posted by suziepops - 3 years ago

For the last 6 months we have been using our dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier mostly during heures creuses.  It made a difference to our monthly payments in that they dropped from 110 euros to 66 euros a month so it was definitely worth it for us.

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Posted by littlefish-439129 - 3 years ago

Hi menagerie, everyone else is telling you nothing about your problem. I also live in the morbihan, with the same contract for many years, last year, without realising, our 'cheap hours' stopped. the machine that changes it via 'radio' waves, broke. Eventually it got sorted, the bloke came and changed it and said it is not an uncommon fault, lots of time due to thunderstorms. The bills were all recalculated over your past ones for about 2 years and voila, sorted. Like I said, I didn't realise and it was when they came and read the meter that the fault was noticed. Hope this helps.................; 

Posted by Joyce - 3 years ago

I too received a letter from EDF to say that from September 2015 the time for cheap rate electricity is to change from twice a day to once a day, ie 21.30 to 05.30.  This made me look at how much I was actually saving by being on the cheaper rate contract.  Working on last year's consumpttion I saved 53 euros per year - not a lot but not bad.  However, the inconvenience of just having a cheap rate once per day as from September I've decided to revert to a 'flat rate' contract as I think the convenience of being able to use my dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer etc as and when I actually want to use them far out weighs the restriction of saving 53 euros per year.  What do others think? 

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Posted by ingetje - 3 years ago

the heures creuse during day tme are being transfered to night time! so no more savings during the day time...check your last invoice to see the correct hours. maximum of 8 hours a day/night.

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Posted by suziepops - 3 years ago

I would think the poster means 01.30 to 07.30, wouldn't you?

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Posted by LeParigot - 3 years ago


overnight cannot be  13.30   to    0 7.30 AM.   


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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 3 years ago

the english speking helpline is operational on a saturday and normally its pretty quick to get through to them then