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EDF Tree cutting

Posted by stonedecroze - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

Ok so a small update from me who posted

EDF re- sited the big ugly mast that was in our land  elswhere to a prominent place in another part of our garden - joy of joys. Very ugly. they made a complete mess of the land at the time. This was due to improvement of electric lines which involved 3 properties.

This was advantageous to us and did not cost us anything so for that we were most grateful of course.

However, as the big ugly pole is in our garden at their choice then I believe that it is their responsibility to keep the lines clear and not our fault the trees we inherited by the line and our barn- evil self seeding things with thorns on them ( note I would have them all chopped down if I could afford it) are their problem.

They have already done one lopping about 3 yrs back.

As someone said to go up near an electric line and chop trees is dangerous and a tree surgeon of course could do it with equipment but I sure as hell am not putting my 8 stone frame up a ladder with a chainsaw if dangerous though I would love to be able to do a Mad Max on alot of the trees we have as they are problematic for a number of reasons.

Re the trees in the drive which is partly owned by the commune and the 2 little parcels of land either side owned by some women in the south of France for some bizarre reason- I have been to the Mairie this week and they are sending down an ADJOINT de Travaux to look at that situation as the tress I do not own are impeding the telephone cable. One fell across the drive this year and we had to chainsaw it to access the property. Another is very precarious and could fall on the cars using the drive if  it was very unluckly situation.

As another said yes, get someone in to cut trees. This is a big hope of mine at the moment but the last quote I had just to crown a cherry tree and cut one other smallish one down was totally horrendous.

Yes our problem buying a place with trees and a lesson to myself for the future.

I have heard that some people invite people to come and  cut trees and have the wood so a win win situation but then you never know who you can trust not to lurk around your property in the future. This is something I would seriously consider and,,, i would be happy to clear up the debris I have done it before.

Anyway, it does seem that EDF will cut trees at no cost in the most part.

I am wondering if should re train and buy a harness and a super chainsaw!

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Posted by normandytreesurgery - 3 years ago

Hi all,

It's like this.

 A 25m conifer tree POTENTIALY might take one man just a few minutes to fell (if there is room) or an hour or two to take down in pieces if there is no room.

The clean up operation HOWEVER...

May take half a rainy afternoon for 3 guys if the brash has to be dragged across a garden, through a weeny gate and chipped into a truck plus all the rake work to tiddle up Mrs Miggins turf.


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Posted by buster-784461 - 3 years ago

I would have thought if you wanted/needed a tree pruned then you pay for someone to do it!!

ERDF are trying to keep the lines intact and are chopping back the growth that been allowed to grow! After having a blackout last week because of a tree Im all for it!!

If ERDF employed pruners & got them to tydy up after themselves I think there would be more blackouts & higher costs!

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Posted by the nagasaki kid - 3 years ago

Intresting reading, I understand peoples disquiet when works carried out by EDF etc are not very pleasing to the eye or exactly what they "thought" they were going to do.

Perhaps getting in a private tree company to do the works is a way to go.  Yes it does cost, yes you should not have to pay, but given you love your garden and view and one assumes bought the property on that basis, it would to me make a good investment.



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Posted by Melou - 3 years ago

Jason - many thanks for your honesty! - and it makes sense of our experience with EDF tree cutting. Down here in Dordogne, which is a densely wooded Département, there is a real problem with trees overhanging the power lines. We used to have daily 'micro-coupures' of the electric supply - very bad for computers, refrigerators etc. In the end our mairie sent out a questionnaire to establish the extent of the cuts (we are a large, rural commune), and used that factual information to join other communes to pressurise EDF to do something about the problem.  

Two years running now, EDF have written to advise that they will be trimming all trees along their lines - they turn up without further contact, armed with chain saws and a small lorry with a circular saw on the end of a manouverable arm. They make a right mess. They leave everything pretty much where it falls - the sides of the lanes here are strewn with branches, apart from sections where the owner has got to work to tidy it all up.

So - on the one hand we are very pleased to get the power running without interruption; but on the other, not impressed by the tangled mess they leave behind them. Thank you for explaining!

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Posted by luckyeleven - 3 years ago

Thanks for your honesty Jason, I'm glad someone else said, it would just sound like sour grapes from me!

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Posted by normandytreesurgery - 3 years ago


 I've been working since last April for a regional line clearance company based in Mayenne and working as far as Paris.

We are paid by the distance cleared not for the quality of our work.

Not really my bag but it was the easiest way to move over with my french missus to get this job through family connections.

I'll admit the work we do is terribly low quality, bad tree work all round, just hack hack hack all day with no thought to the health or end look of the trees we butcher and apart from moving branches off the road we rarely clear up.

We get away with tree murder!

Looking forward to setting myself up one day soon and offering a proper quality tree service.


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Posted by kerivon - 3 years ago

They came and looked at our trees in the spring, told us where they would be cutting which we pointed out was commune land anyway then one day in September I was alerted by the dogs barking to an almighty chainsawing up in the garden. Three men up trees, none of which had been singled out  when they came in April, merrily sawing off branches which were narrowly missing my bee hives as they fell. I shouted to the men and they just waved back at me. They left our Garden and the woodland area we were creating in a right mess, randomly hacked off branches which took us a week to clear up. Yes the cables run over head but the trees underneath were still small and either side of the cables they didn't seem to be too close. Needless to say we were not pleased.

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Posted by bionicladdo - 3 years ago

for many years EDF came and cut out a section of a line of trees to give space for their power lines   Then they decided to put the cables underground and asked me to sign agreement which I did   That was in March   Nothing happened and the following January during heavy snow - by chance I took photos of the inches of snow on the cables -  the cable came down and cut out the whole village   EDF turned up and cut the branches around the cable a few days later, then sent me a bill for 4000 euros for the repair of the lines, saying it was a result of branches falling on the cable   Lucky I had the photos taken before they arrived with their chain saws which proved that no branches had fallen and the depth of the snow on the cable   And luckily I had legal insurance, so I handed the dispute over to them 


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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

EDF said they would book a rendevous

I want to be here when they cut as where the trees are place makes a difference to the set up of the garden but also hoping they can chop some trees further than needed as I cant do it myself.

Also on lines, we have a telephone line running up the drive. THe drive belongs to the Mairie and there are two very small areas of land each side of the drive owned by a lady in the South of France

I wrote to the Mairie over a year ago to seay the lines are touching the phone line AND that due to a tree falling that was not our responsibility myself and my three neighbours were without a phone or internet for 7 weeks! We have no mobile reception either so far from ideal

I have had NO response from the Mairie. I have followed up with other letters but now going to book an appointment but I wonder then reading a previous reply if perhaps I should write to France Telecom to tell them about the trees on the line problem