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EE/Orange and French Orange

Posted by Tizzler - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

You do need to unlock the iphone. Then you can use you old UK sim and just push the calls to your french sim from which ever provider. As the cost of calls is falling you may question why change numbers at all? There is no need to buy a new phone.

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Posted by kerlaan - 3 years ago

Just a couple of points based on recent experience.

You could always consider buying a double SIM phone to allow you to have both UK and French mobile numbers.

Don't confuse the companies named Orange in each country with each other.  The original Orange company you know and love in UK was, erm, for want of a term, divested out and what acquired French Telecom here is not related in any way to EE.

If you have a landline with Orange, then you can get a mobile number for €1 per month!  I have this.  In combination with a UK Three account, for which there are NO ROMAING for data or voice calls in many overseas countries including France, you can be in contact at all times.  A "double SIM debloque" mobile could be your saviour.

I have previously travelled extensively on a world basis and can tell you that Lycamobile and all the others fail miserably for user value for money.  They are there to make money and yours is their target.

On a final note, I see that by Autumn 2016 (I forget the exact month) the UK operators will not be able to charge for roaming.

I hope this helps.  If I can help more, drop me a line.

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Posted by Tizzler - 3 years ago

Thanks for the replies, new phones it is then and no trip to town tomorrow!

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Posted by MockTheCasbah-979852 - 3 years ago

I don't recommend lycamobile. Terrible customer service, and you have to email i.d. (eg passport), and wait to be 'approved'. Avoid them.

I shopped around and LeClerc pay as you go seemed the best.

As for the phones, reveuse is correct, they will need to be unlocked, best get that done in the Uk before you leave.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

Get a Lycamobile SIM would be my advice. Web pages available in both English and French. Cheap and uncomplicated!

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

If your phones are locked to EE/orange UK you won't be able to use an orange.fr sim.

Your options seem to be, pay to unlock them or buy new phones, either single sim or dual sim, dual is very handy if you have active contacts in 2 countries. Then choose any French provider you like.

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Posted by shorrcks - 3 years ago


we were locked in to ee & o2 when we came over and cost too much on roaming charges. 

you can get them unlocked then just get a french sim when you get here

we ended up with new phones (dual sim) as was cheaper than the fees that ee wanted to cancel the contract before unlocking them.

plently of deals with different providers.