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Electrical advice please

Posted by Discovery2 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Rolls Royce - 4 years ago

You really need to keep on badgering EDF who won't do a thing unless you keep on. We have been here 26yrs and when we first came, if we put a volt-meter across a socket and turned other things on then instead of 'dipping' and coming back up, it just kept going down and down!

In the end EDF put a 'meter' on our 'meter' and within a month found we had insufficient supply - the problem whoever is that unlike the UK, the lines that come to your house belong to the commune and if they haven't the funds to update them and the transformers etc then they are the weakest link in the chain.

You do however have a right, by law, to have a stable electrical supply within certain tolerences so you need to keep at it.

Ours was eventually put right - but when they connected it, the problem was the same - until they changed the phase cable (you will see that there are 4 cables, 3 phases and 1 neutral). The usual problem is that there are too many farmers' milking machines on the line and that particular phase may be used by too many of them - you won't get this in the UK!!

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Posted by dagbaruch - 4 years ago

WE have a new house (4 years old), but last year we had a great problem, where the voltage was dropping to about 170V, then suddenly one evening we had 280V.  We contacted EDF, and they said they would look into it.  We kept a record of variations, but 2 days later, EDF phoned us, and said that a neighbour had similar problems.  Within 4 hours the problem was solved, and the EDF called by to see if all was OK.


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Posted by Discovery2 - 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply, I have a Din rail volt ammeter ariving soon so wil get that fitted and moniter the supply i suspect the voltage is droping very low at times. I dont know if 6.30 am (when the street lights switch on) is a time for the other tarifs to switch on or off, just a thought.

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Posted by dagbaruch - 4 years ago

Your suspicion of being on the same phase as the street lights could be correct.  When they turn on, ther may be a slight drop in voltage, which conversely means a slight rise in the current drawn in your house.  It could be that the disjoncteur trips if the current goes over its prescribed limit.

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

Sorry, not an electrician, but having cleared out 3 stinking freezers for friends who went away (and having sworn never to do it again because it is truly gross) I would strongly suggest that you do not leave food in your freezer - there are numerous other reasons that your freezer could go off even if you sort out your current problem.