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electricity supplier

Posted by Freckleface-401505 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by AQ-417490 - 4 years ago

The energy market in France has only opened up in very recent years, so is not so well developed as in the UK - and no energy regulator as such in France.  EDF has the stranglehold on the market andprobably supplies in excess of 90% in France - it is not regionalised like the UK electricity market. From what I have heard from others and from my own enquiries, the few EDF competitors are no cheaper. Whether or not they offer better customer service is difficult to find out - it's a bit hit and miss with EDF. At least one company claims to offer green energy, presumably via wind turbines. However these turbines are prolific throughout France, yet over 80% of all electricity generation in France is by nuclear power stations and hardly any by fossil fuels, so carbon emissions are low anyway. Perhaps because France has no dependence on imports for electricity generation, the global fluctuations in wholesale prices does not impact on France, hence the recent reductions in energy prices in the UK and elsewhere are not happening in France - indeed EDF has actually just raised its prices.

Whilst looking at other suppliers prices, consider also EDF's TEMPO tariff, but read the details thoroughly. It is a very complicated tariff and requires careful planning to benefit from the way it is priced (eg absolutely minimise electricity usage on the 22 red days each year). It can work out cheaper for some people, but won't suit many others, especially if you use electric heating.

Good luck

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

yes - we switched from EDF (who I hate and have had no end of trouble with) to another company. Within a year they had sold out to direct energy who no longer send me bills - everything is online - i cannot acces my account and they do not respond to letter or email, just take money willy-nilly by DD.

I would love to change again, but although its supposed to be easier to change, its not like the UK and the information is in my opinion scanty  which is , I guess, why you posed the question.

I too would like to know if anyone has had a better experience changing and whether there are cheaper deal out there.

All I can say for sure is don't change to Direct Energy