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electronic programmer

Posted by steve hall - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by steve hall - 3 years ago

Many thanks Brian - the advice is much appreciated.

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Posted by brian61 - 3 years ago

I do not know your specific model, but they usually all work the same way.

On the inner dial face is a triangle pointer which you adjust to the current correct time by rotating the dial in the direction given by the arrow (must only be turned in one direction and not turned backwards).

The outer dial has is surrounded by moveable "cavaliers" usually representing around 15 minutes of time. So to set 12h-14h you slide all of these towards the centre dial forming a 2 hour block. You can repeat this for any amount of time during the 24h day.

The side switch is for you to switch from programme mode (usually with a clock type symbol) to manual over-ride mode (ON all the time)

I have seen some of these being sold very cheaply that are only intended to work with low wattage bulbs ie turn on/off a bedside light. They would not be suitable for switching on any appliance that draws high amps. You might want to check yours.

Hope that this helps.