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Empty late neighbour's house with overgrown garden.

Posted by Jivedance-411773 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Jivedance-411773 - 3 years ago

Just an update. I have made another approach to the mairie with new information that has kindly been posted in reply to my question.

He is now going to write to the owners requesting the garden grass is cut and tidied up. Not sure if it will work but it is a start.

Thanks again, (especially Noblesse who posted an excellent link) for all your replies.

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

Thanks buster we never thought about that at the time but as it will happen again will do so next time.

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Posted by Jivedance-411773 - 3 years ago

Thanks for all the replies so far.

Noblesse, thanks for that. I live in Morbihan and will do as you have advised.

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Posted by nelly15 - 3 years ago

I'm surprised the Marie wouldn't help. Our Marie is pretty crap as they go, but when our hamlet had a problem with a small piece of land that was just left to get over grown they did sort it out by bombarding the owner with letters telling them to sort it. They did eventually.

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Posted by buster-784461 - 3 years ago

shepheredscrook if you have damage caused by water flow/tractor from your neighbour you should check with your house insurance see if they can help!


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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago


The mairie is responsible for this, and most will help. My house had been vacant for 5 years when I bought it, and the garden was in a state for most of this time. My neighbour asked at the mairie, and the problem was sorted.

I don't know what department you live in, but every department has a Reglement Sanitaire Départmental, which regulates matters concerning sanitation, including gardens and houses.

The one for Cotes d'Armor is here


and Chapter 2, Section 3, Article 32 says

Les propriétaires et les occupants d'un immeuble sont tenus d'assurer, dans le cadre de leurs obligations respectives, un entretien satisfaisant des terrains, des bâtiments et de leurs abords.

Les travaux d'entretien doivent être exécutés périodiquement et toute détérioration imprévue de nature à porter un préjudice à la santé des personnes doit faire sans délai l'objet d'une réparation au moins provisoire. 

You could print this out and take it to the maire, as he is obliged to uphold the rules of the department.

If you aren't in Cotes d'Armor, google Reglement Sanitaire Départmental + your department.



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Posted by woody-383477 - 3 years ago

I am surprised that the Mairie declined to help.  A few years ago I went with a friend who had the same problem.  Thr mairie said they would write to him and give him a month to sort it out or they would do the job and send him the bill.  Since then it has been kept tidy.   I believe that you also have the right to go into your neighbour's garden and tidy a strip a metre wide from your boundary.

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

I have the same problem BUT the owner of the land is alive and kicking and his tenant - a farmer - does nothing.

before 2009 I used to go round and clear all along the other side of our fence as when we moved in there were no weeds in our garden and I kept it like that as the owner nor the tenant did anything about the weeds on their land. I had a shoulder operation in 2009 so couldn't do it any more.

We got the owner of the land to come round in 2010 and he grudgingly cut down the trees hanging over onto our land blocking out the light in the house. He left all the smaller branches so when the farmer came to plough he just used his tractor to push them all onto our fence which fenced off a small piece of land we have at the side of our house brining down the fencing and breaking posts. We complained both to the owner and the farmer - got no reply.

we then had a deluge of rain which because the branches now blocked the route the water used to take it now came directly off the field into our garden and under the gate and ruined our newly graveled drive. The owner came and said he couldn't do anything about nature and shrugged his shoulders!!! We explained about the farmer just pushing all the branches into our fencing breaking posts etc and he just shrugged his shoulders again!!! He did say that he would come and cut down all the brambles and weeds on his side of the fence to stop them growing over into our garden and then I said I had been putting weed killer on to keep them down but it was getting too expensive for me to keep doing on his behalf so he assured me that when the crops had been harvested he would be back and get rid of the brambles and weeds for good - that was 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never seen him since and now need him to cut down the trees again so it looks like another recorded delivery letter to him!!

We keep getting letters in our postbox - every one in our village gets one - to remind us to keep the nettles and thistles down as this is obligatory but we are fighting a losing battle if they do not make the owner or his tenant do the same!!!

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Posted by brian61 - 3 years ago

Heritage can be a very long drawn out process and is usually in the hands of a Notaire. If the commune cannot help you (but keep popping in to politely request help) you could see if your house insurers can help.

In the meantime "accidentaly" spray their land along the fence to keep weeds etc away.

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Posted by mollypoodle60 - 3 years ago

My garden sides on to an absent owner wno took down the dividing hedge exposing my garden of a view of dilapidated metal hanger and weeds replaced hedge with 3 ft wire and flimsy posts so was forced to have expesive wood panels put up to obscure view and keep dogs in. Now his brambles and weeds like yours are 4-6ft high and coming through if he is still absent by July I am going to take matters into my own hands and go around with roundup down the boundry between us

I appreciate your sentiments that it is additional work for you to attend to your neighbours land as well but if youre trying to keep a tidy space options are limited.