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English Television Reception Problems

Posted by Annj-408372 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Annj-408372 - 3 years ago

Thanks bartyb,

A very comprehensive answer.

the dish was rock solid but I'm going to reposition anyway.

The box doesn't work on a friends setup but then his doesn't work on mine.

I was about to upgrade to HD anyway so that;s no problem.

I'm actually looking forward to repositioning as soon as the weather breaks

and I never thought I'd be saying that !

Thanks again.

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Posted by smudge1949 - 3 years ago

Again an excellent responce from Barty b. I wish i had an ounce of your knowedge keep up the good work.

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Posted by Lofty-385373 - 3 years ago

Well Done Barty B an informed response as always, keep it up!

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Posted by helenct61 - 3 years ago

A very detailed & informative reply bartyb, followed by a delightfully succinct one :)

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

"This is due to the geo location software being rolled out by the BBC to stop reception of their programs outside the UK."

No it's not

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Posted by Barry Scott - 3 years ago

This is due to the geo location software being rolled out by the BBC to stop reception of their programs outside the UK.

See this thread:



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Posted by jacqb - 3 years ago

We had the same problem yesturday/today, the winds had moved the satalite dish slightly so it involved a ladder a a bit of trial and error moving it about but we are back working now.  Hope yours is fixed soon.

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

If your using a Sky box, it has a built in signal meter. You'll find it by preeing the services button on the remote, then selecting System Set-up (option 4)  then selecting signal test (option 6)....... both strength and quality bars should be better than half way. Network ID should be 00002

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

No, nothings changed in the last couple of days other than a bit of house keeping on some obscure channels.

I'm assuming that you're using an aerial for the French TV and a dish/digibox for English.

UK TV comes from the Astra2 cluster (the mainstream channels from 2e).

When you "scanned about" was the dish lose enough to moveor did it feel tight and secure?, If you could move it without losening anything then I'd guess it may well have moved in the wind......... in any event, if you've moved it around then you'll need to start afresh.


If you can I'd check your box on a friends dish to start with.

Next check that the cable connection on the dish is nice and clean and dry, if it's wet and black and horrible cut a few inches off the cable and remake the conection. 

Have a look at www.dishpointer.com, change the satellite to 28.4E, Astra2E and put in your home address, you can then move the pin to exactly the position of the dish and see the exact line along which the dish needs to point. Set the dish here and mark the place on the mount.

If there's an elevation scale on the dish this should be at 27 degrees (if you can see where the elevation was set when the dish was working set it back there).

The LNB should be set so that looking towards the front of the dish the cable connector is pointing to nearly 7o'clock.

Now connect everything up and if possible have the TV visible from the dish and select a channel that was working OK.......... now move the dish slowly a fewdegrees to the left and then a few degrees to the right and see if you go across a signal. move the dish up a degree in elevation and repeata few times, then do the same reducing the elevation a degree at a time and hopefully you'll get there.

Remember you're pointing at something the size of a transit van nearly 30,000 miles away and a couple of degrees is the difference between a perfect signal and no signal.

Be patient.Good luck