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Posted by rhys1 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

You do have a point.  If I was well off I certainly would buy from the small retailer instead of the big discount franchise types.  The little guy does have a local reputation to protect.  The big boys couldn't care less.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

John Lewis in France with their quality of UK customer service - would be fantastic! Sadly, suspect  French retailers keep them out by scaring the managent of JL stiff with the French employment law and 35hr week. Maybe they will eventually follow M&S - we hope.

Too bad Hollande is too weak to deregulate the economy and spur greater service/quality.


Maybe smaller local retaillers are better with a reputation to lose or reinforce.


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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 3 years ago

John Lewis Equivalent here in France  you are kidding, if French stores customer service was half as good as John Lewis, waitrose wouldn't it be great. 

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Posted by woody-383477 - 3 years ago

I tried to nuy a food mixer from JL and they wouldn't do it - maybe because it was an electrical item?

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Posted by rhys1 - 3 years ago

Well no  but something easily transportable  ( like a large screen tv )  could be  cartloaded back in the back of the car as and when necessary. 

Just I have found the J~L  attitude to their guarantee ( hassle free and automatic )  refreshing  ( on the rare occasions I have had to rely on it - mostly their stuff is just v reliable ). 


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Posted by NellP-986196 - 3 years ago

The plugs would be the least of your  worries,  I can't imagine JL coming to France to collect faulty electrical goods for repair!

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Posted by rhys1 - 3 years ago

Thanks for replies.

Looks like it has to be large supermarkets then. 

I had thought of just getting stuff from J L  but as regards electricals there might be a problem with the plugs  ~ I know you can just use an adaptor but I am not sure how safe that is long term for electricals that use a lot of power  ~eg washing machines / heaters. 

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Posted by izzyandclive - 3 years ago

John Lewis will deliver to France though not everything see their website for what they will deliver - I haven't tried myself





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Posted by one4all-436374 - 3 years ago

All the Hypermarkets like Leclerc, Carrefour, Geant offer a comprehensive range of household products including furniture and electrical goods. As to guarantees and refunds, I have personally never had any problems when asking for exchange or refunds but from postings on this site, others have sometimes encountered difficulties.

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Posted by suziepops - 3 years ago

In answer to your question - no.