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Exterior Wall Repairs

Posted by jimbo99-445600 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by jimbo99-445600 - 3 years ago

Thanx Rob,

since my exterior wall is masonary concrete over red block(?),  was going to repaint the full exterior wall anyway. The crack has been there for at least 10 yrs without shifting so it is not a case of subsidence. Am guessing your idea of the epoxy grout in this 1-2mm wide gap would do the trick. Will try to find someone to do this job as a fractured leg is stopping me just now ;-}

thanx again

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Posted by helicopterrob - 3 years ago

Actually  is quite a simple issue to remedy even if the wall is  still or likey to move a little. You need to make sure that  the foundations are  relatively stable but if the crack has not got any bigger over a number of years then reasonable to assume  it is pretty stable. I have renovated lots of property and quite a common problem ,, Indeed my own house in France needs similar attention as soon as I get around to it.  You do not say if it is a brick or stone wall but supposing the mortar beds are relatively in line then what you need to do is  remove a line of mortar,, get yourself some  helifix steel rods or similar- i personally would always use helifix as they work - other may be as good but I have not needed to compare  , you also need some injectable epoxy grout - put the steel in the crack, grout over, which effectively stitched the crack together and gives stability,   Cover with  your finishing mortar over the top to match the existing.

There are a whole host of helifix video on youtube and here  http://www.helifix.co.uk/videos/

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

If you chase out this crack it iwll show as the mortar will be of a different colour - so a perspective purchaser will probably see it.

The only option in that case is to the the whole wall done - is it worth it? Your choice.