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Fed up

Posted by Martin-381860 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Rudge - 4 years ago

sabc15, my strimmer has been used regularly for over 4 years with no problem..made by Sth...., and I also use an electric hedgecutter by the same make , much better than a petrol if you can use correct power extension leads , my 6,5 hp rotary lawnmower is trouble free , Chinese, and my rotovator, Chinese , a massive 99€ euro cost is giving no trouble after 3 seasons of use . I understand some people are just unlucky with things , I am a trained mechanic/engineer that obviously helps with mechanical sympathy as well .

My advice , if you have zero mechanical understanding, buy a quality make ... I recommend Sth..., and just accept that you will have to pay professional charges for service and repair , the same as any mechanical device , ie car . 

I am gald that my background in all things mechanical mean that that I never have to take anything to an expensive French service centre. I can repair my own mechanical clocks , mowers, chainsaws, ... a big saving ?

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Posted by Tizzler - 4 years ago

I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that Plymouth City Council here in Englamnd have just spent £44,000 on 16 LED's to light up Mountbatten tower. Let's hope they last a bit longer than 1000 hours. Yes, I did write it correctly..............£44,000 for 16 LED's. I'm glad my council tax is being used so wisely.

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Posted by brian61 - 4 years ago

I have replaced all my screw_in or bayonet bulbs and also all spots with LEDs. My son has done the same on a new build including wet room spots. All bulbs were supplied by a French on-line site called ampoule-leds.fr. On there site you can easily compare different LEDs by power consumption/output, light beam spread, brightness of light & colour of light. Bought all bulbs as they came up on sale and some in discount multi-packs. No idea how many hours they have but mine have been fitted for around 4 years with no problems.

The GU10 spot bulbs use up to 54 individual LEDs with a consumption of around 3w.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

My. moan s about chainsaws/strimmers on second thought most garden machinery that lasts a couple of month then go wrong and replacement parts & labour make repair uneconomical,sabc15.

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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - 4 years ago

My gripe is the lovely coloured packaging showing nice light flaky "wots its" or succulant steak pies etc which once bought AND PAID FOR and taken home, maybe kept in the fridge or freezer, ( which ever is appropriate), thought about, drooled over, meal planned around, then, turn out, once opened, to be absolutaly nothing like what you thought you were going to get!   Actually, I don't eat these things because I now know whats in them and have had too many disappointments but it amazes me that there must be loads of people out there still buying this rubbish. Are they all eating it? They must be, other wise the stores wouldn't be able to sell them. What does that say about the people of today? Are they so lazy they will eat anything for convenience, heaven help us.   I could gripe about lots of other things that we get conned with but I think that's enough for now- it helps to pass a long dark boring evening though!

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Posted by geegee42 - 4 years ago

What they probably meant to say was ,we bench tested 1000 LEDs and one lasted for ,50,000 hours but all the rest packed up in under 1000 hrs,the world seems full these days of ifs buts maybes upto rumoured to be,what happened to yes and no,its a pity you can't pop out one single led and replace it ,instead of binning the whole lot,but then its not as bad as poundlands halogen bulbs ,three for a pound guaranteed to go bang at least once a week.

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Posted by Rudge - 4 years ago

Yes, I hate to keep replacing things, when they can be made to last, I have some UK made hand tools, still good after 50 years . 

LED biulbs, as mentioned never seem to give the 'life' stated , I am glad I purchased all mine direct from China , £2 instead of £10 +  but after a couple of years some are failing, a whole section of the bulb does not light .

I do remember buying a batch of traditionaal tungsten biulbs  , about 6 months was the average life !

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Posted by Rover56 - 4 years ago

I ought to resist but it must be a "phase" I am going through!


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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

I agree.  My LED bulbs, also supposedly good for 50,000 hours have also gone in way less than 1000 hrs.  I look on the bright side (!), I only paid about £2 a crack for them on ebay sent from China.  

Another pet hate is the telecoms companies all vying for our cash, making direct comparisons of their offers next to impossible but all of them trying it on with "up to" X megabyte download speeds!  Means absolutely nothing.


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Posted by Dibbyspot - 4 years ago

An email to the CEO first (www.ceomail.com) to explain your grievance. If there is nothing forther coming then it is a nice email to trading standards, and the BBC Watchdog programme!

You are right organisations should not be allowed to get away with such mis-representation that in essence is a sale by faulsehood. Good luck.