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Fitting a small gas bottle

Posted by colin22 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

I'am sorry Colin 22 we are to far away from you .It is very easy to do, could you not ask a neighbour to do this for you?

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Posted by Le Motard - 4 years ago

Well said Mrs Overall. I am only really adding this comment to bump the post to the top again. I am in Cornwall and not back in Brittany till next week at the earliest . . .  must be someone among all the active members in 22 who can change an empty gas bottle for this guy?

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Posted by mrsoverall - 4 years ago

Good morning Colin, I think you may be too far from me to help but try re-posting your request with a heading that says where you are and something like "help needed to collect and fit a gas bottle". The very small bottles are more expensive but may suit your needs better.

Good luck

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

colin, i'm sorry that i don't live nearer. I hope you have got enough gas left to be able to cook something.

As this will be an ongoing problem - and no one nearby  has yet come to your assistance - i woud suggest that you speak to your assistante social as soon as possible - she will arrange help for you on a regular basis and assess whether you need assistance with other domestic matters.

In the meantime is there no one near who coudl help this chap?

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Posted by Tryval - 4 years ago

Sorry not closer, I assume you just need the (cooker) bottle changed am in east 56, there must be someone nearer to spend 10 mins, ok 30 mins?

Kind Thoughts, Bill.

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Posted by colin22 - 4 years ago

Thanks, no its to change bottle over at Petrol Station and connect t existing fitting.

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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

Do you already have one and just need to change the bottle,or it actually needs to be fitted from new appliance to bottle? If empty to full anybody can do it we do ours every 3 month. If a proper new connection ours was fitted by a plumber/ electrician.