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Freesat channels - why do mine start at 001 and only go up to 220?

Posted by Farthing - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by ScarboroughWhites-442058 - 4 years ago

Barty B I'm not a customer of yours, but as many people say to you - Thank You for helping people with your 'Professional Knowledge' - it's nice to see people helping, and not just seeing the £ and Euro sign.

Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

OK, the good news is that you'r on the right satellite.

What you have, I suspect, is a generic satellite reciver, which is fine BUT it's not to be confused with a FreeSat receiver.

The difference between a Freesat receiver and a generic one is that a Freesat will ONLY receive the UK FreeSat chanels (they can receive others but that's a different conversation) and has software built in to generate the program guide and sort the chanels into a sensible (ish) order. A generic box will receive the same chanels but just lists them as it finds them, you should be able to sort them into a sensible order by moving them round or setting up favourites. 

There should be a button on the remote marked "radio/TV" and that should swap between audio only chanels and TV chanels.

Hope that helps, if you need more info feel free to PM me