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Posted by Teresa Sorokin-627839 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

There are different schemes. Normally you have to apply and get it approved before you have the work done and part of the cost is paid for you, so it's not a case of getting a rebate, you don't pay in the first place. But there are plenty hoops to jump through,for instance if you apply to Anah then the work you have to have done has to result in a certain level of energy saving, so it's no good saying you just want to insulate the roof for instance, you would have to have sufficient work done to achieve that amount of saving - put in double glazing, replace your heating etc. If it's not possible to achieve the target you don't get anything. 

The best thing is to ask at the mairie because a lot of the 'pots' are region or even commune-specific. 


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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

Unconfirmed reports say that you would get a cheque instead of the tax reduction.  Research the deal properly.  You only qualify if the work is done by a registered artisan so you have to balance the possible rebate against how much extra you would pay to have an artisan do it.  Could be a losing situation for some people.