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growing lavender

Posted by suky-98776 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by suky-98776 - 4 years ago

Yes you're probably right Janet.  Good growing country this especially after the lovely rain we've had the last few days.  I think things will shoot up when the sun shines again. Looking forward to it.


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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 4 years ago

I  bought several promo lavenders from SuperU a few years ago and they are all thriving in my slighly acidic, slighly clayey, and not very well draining soil!

I've found that most things grow in Brittany.


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Posted by suky-98776 - 4 years ago

ok thank you for lots of good advice.  Will go and see what the local nursery has to offer.  Just wondered if it was a waste of time in this climate 56 but think we'll try a pot first.  There are so many beauutiful varieties but for here in Brittany am not so sure.  Still we'll have a go and see what happens.  We lived in the Var many moons ago for 9 months , totally different of course, but oh what a glorious picture it made seeing whole fields of lavender.  Many thanks again for your help.

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Posted by Kev-Maria - 4 years ago

Stones in the bottom of pots do not make any difference. Just a waste of good stones.

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Posted by kathyd2 - 4 years ago

Mine seems fine in acid soil, but as others have said you need a sunny spot and good drainage. It won't like sitting in soggy soil. If you use a pot, stick some stones in the bottom to help.

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 4 years ago

I put one in last year to try (I'm 300 meters from the sea) It did OK last year, but this year it's looking fab so I might put another in.


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Posted by Tryval - 4 years ago

We have good results in raised beds (shady), and in a border on the low end of the lawn (in full sun),  not so much success in pots! Area 56220.

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Posted by Jack1-977774 - 4 years ago

Lavender seeds in Lidl at the moment - 29c a packet. We've had no problem with any of their seeds, trying Lavender for the first time this year.

29c will give you a whole border of Lavender. Follow planting advice as per above.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago

Good info. here. Hidcote is also sold in French nurseries.


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Posted by ferrandiere - 4 years ago

You will need to either grow it in a raised bed with plenty of drainage, or in a pot. Lavender is a plant which prefers hot, dry conditions and hates having its roots in standing water or very heavy soil. I have grown it successfully here, but chose the sunniest spot in the garden and added planty of grit when planting. You will need to trim once a year, but do not cut into the old wood as it will not regrow. Usually, after about 5 years I take cuttings from the main plant and then just dig it up and start again. The plants I have are an English variety called Hidcote, but there are some French ones available in local nurseries.