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Help Ipad will not accept the security key from the livebox?

Posted by DavePB - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by DavePB - 4 years ago

Thanks everybody for taking the time to reply its now up and running fine.

cheers Dave


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Posted by Jo Taylor-790528 - 4 years ago

On your laptop or desktop PC browser, type (or copy) into the address bar.

This takes you to the control panel for your LiveBox (have you never looked at that?!).

If it asks you to login, use the word admin for username and password.

At the top, you can change the language to English if that's easier for you.

Go to the tab 'my wifi' at the top, then you can change your security key.


Posted by DavePB - 4 years ago

Thanks folks, I have tried evrything suggested even copied and pasted the security numbers but no go, I did phone Orange (thanks jack) and they did suggest changing the security code as per Jane's suggestion.

So the next question is how to change the code?? where to go to put in a new code?

thanks again folks

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Posted by janes-394036 - 4 years ago

If you already have a computer connected to the internet via the Livebox, you can get into the Livebox through that computer and change the code to something easier to type in. 

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Posted by walnut72 - 4 years ago

with my tablet I didnt need the key just pressed the recognition button.

however get some to read the key out and dont leave any spaces

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

All I can suggest is to check and check again; S or 5, Z or 2, I or l or1, O or 0? They are case sensitive as well. 

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Posted by Jack1-977774 - 4 years ago

Ring Orange and get them to talk you through it. If any Livebox problems they can sort them out at the same time.