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Hole in a granite wall!

Posted by bionicladdo - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kimbocafe - 3 years ago

I have a condensing drier as I didn't want to bash a hole in the wall.  I'd buy one of those little units in your place and save yourself loads of stress, dirt and buying of expensive tools.

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 3 years ago

rat catcher, where do you live? come and do ours. Seriously   kind regards

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Posted by HarleyRider58 - 3 years ago

Buy a condenser dryer....  you can use the water for plants, and if you make a mistake with removing the granite, will be MUCH cheaper than the repairs...

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Posted by Freda Checks - 3 years ago

My plumber/electrician tried to drill though a granite wall into our boiler room. He was using a professional diamond tipped core drill complete with stand (and cooling water). It hardly touched the granite and after five hours of drilling he gave up and decided to remove the granite block that was causing the problem. He succeeded in the end because he needed central heating pipes to go through the wall and had to complete the job.

I would seriously invest in a condensing tumbler dryer if the only reason for going through the wall is for your vented tumple dryer!!


Good luck

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Posted by walnut72 - 3 years ago

I bought a condensing box for 14euros delivered from amazon.fr much easier!

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Posted by jaykay-10041854 - 3 years ago

My son-in-law got a condensing box from somewhere that you put the pipe into and it works like a condensing dryer - much easier.  You just have to empty it. Never seen one before.

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Posted by avoican - 3 years ago

Just did mine with a core drill as mentioned above to pass a waste pipe 850cms 1.5 hours no probs .. Mine was at floor level ..

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

I've just made a 150mm diameter hole in my stone wall, approcx 750mm thick.

Typical stone wall: two faces of stone with a loose rubble infill.

I used a 150mm core dill with three 200mm extensions and a SDS drill.

The SDS drill from Mr Bricolage (about 60 Euros on special, last of stock) Make sure that your SDS drill has a clutch for when the core drill snatches.)

The core drill, 200mm extensions and a SDS adaptor from Screwfix, delivered.

Use the SDS drill on drill only, not hammer!

It took about 7 hours at head height on steps! Lower down would be quicker and easier.

Alternatively a 600mm long 10mm diameter masonry drill and stitch drill the shape. Complete with hammer and chisel/SDS hammer drill.

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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 3 years ago

its not easy to make a small hole in a big wall like that, it will take some time with a large drill! or you could consider just bying one of those plastic things with a lid to put your pipe on (sold at bricomarches etc for about 15 euros)  who are designed for just that!

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

Hi.I used a kango,but ended up taking the big lump of granite out as it broke, but not where I wanted it too,cut out the morter and haul the lump out,whack it with a sledge hammer and use the pieces to make good,be careful it will be heavy,don't drop it on your tiles or toes,not sure what will be the worst tile or toes.sabc.