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Humax HD box;

Posted by rig.man - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

I'd go along with turning the power off and counting to ten then powering back up, I'm not sure why the advice about using the switch on the box not the wall, if you have a newer box there is no switch on the back anyway.

while your at it, I'd pop the batteries out of the remote just in case there's a button stuck on that that's making the box scroll.

Other than that it's a trip to the repairer, Phil Haigh has an enviable reputation you'll find him on 0296302820

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Posted by dagbaruch - 4 years ago

MAybe an update has gone wrong for some reason.  Switch off at the back of the receiver (not at the wall), and restart after about 10-20 seconds.  If it starts OK, then do a new update.  If it doesn't start, then I fear you have a serious problem.

One of my boxes had a problem, when the cooling fan stopped wotking; the hard drive also suffered failure.  I replaced the hard drive, but then the fan did not work at all.  I made a new connection from the 5V line from the hard drive to the fan, and it is still wotking 3 years later!