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Increase in impots when building a garage

Posted by s25mjohnson-386894 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by pigeon-fancier - 4 years ago

We had a permis contruire for  a renovation we did, not only did it increase the tax fonciere and tas d'habitation, we too also received a tax demand of around 4200 euro for the permit!  Shocked was an understatement!!!

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Posted by Bosko-444416 - 4 years ago

YES! We built a 5x3m conservatory, finished it in January 2014. Two months ago we received a tax bill for €425 for the priviledge! We have a French friend who lives in Dept 49 and she was charged similar for 2 parking spaces at her apartment. 

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Posted by jandave - 4 years ago

Hi, Have been renovating my house for a few years now, had to demolish half of the so called garage attached to our house (it was in a dangerous condition). Received a form from impots to fill in, at a complete loss so took to impots to ask help and they asked how much square footage we lost, I gave a guess and they added that to our records. Did not notice any significant drop in payments of taxes. After that had to put in some new roof widows, replacement and 1 extra, sent another form this asked for measurements of the house and land, this I filled in acurately and for my trouble have had both taxes increased by more than double.   So if you ask for permission you will receive a form to fill in that could leave you paying higher or lower taxes.   Probably not what you want to here but as usual if you stick to the rules!


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Posted by woody-383477 - 4 years ago

We put a 3m x 3m summer house in the garden and our tax d'habitation went up by 52 euros a year.  

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Posted by lover - 4 years ago

I had a 2 car garage built which was attached to my house and I pay an annual 186 euros on my tax for it (either foncier or habitation I can't remember which)

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

I imagine so.

I rent a lock up garage, there's a row of them opposite my house. Just small lockups, no electricity no plumbing nothing. I'm charged taxe d'habitation on it.

But it's less than 20€ a year.