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Installing a wood pellet fire

Posted by nag champa - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by yorkinmadoc-799333 - 3 years ago

Hi, we've had two pellet burners for four years without any faults!! The exhaust is no more dangerous than any flamed heating device, however would need an exhaust of the correct diameter, and suitable for a power flue. We used Poujalat's concentric tube system which makes the appliance room sealed. It is best to use this system if you have mechanical ventilation such as a VMC to prevent the a low pressure developing in the room. There are no rubber seals in the exhaust system and are not a desirable thing in a high temperature power flue. Sweeping should be carried out annually, however due to the high burn efficiency there is little soot, also the smoke channels in the heat exchanger need cleaning annually. Contact if you need more info, using AI email system. Cheers

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Wood pellets burn at a much higher temperature than wood so you have to have a double wall flue liner.If you look in any Bricos they sell them.They are of smaller diameter and have rubber seals as the pellets can give off noxious gas so the whole system needs to be properly installed.There can  problems with a pellet burner in that the Printed Circuit Board can give up the ghost with monotonous regularity and the bearings on the fan can become noisy in time.The pellets need to be kept scrupulously dry if not then they swell and block he Archimedes screw that feeds the boiler.But other people swear by them