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Internet scam Important please read

Posted by jandave - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 4 years ago

Balli....  Regard the SFR one. A similar one was circulating about 18 months ago but supposedly from Edf Saying the bill was unpaid by the bank. our electric bill comes every 2 months, and I got the same email every 2 months about the time it was due, for about 2 yrs. EDF were aware of it but could do nothing about it. So the warning BE PREPARED FOR MORE AT REGULAR INTERVALS.

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Posted by rison - 4 years ago

I had my hotmail account compromised and all my contacts including customers received the same thing. Very embarrasing!

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Posted by jandave - 4 years ago

Hi Joe that made me look to confirm their account was AOL. It was!

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Posted by Jo Taylor-790528 - 4 years ago

The 'stranded friend' one is usually the result of the friend having had their email account compromised.

The ones I've had have all been from people with AOL accounts.

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Posted by Balli - 4 years ago

We've had 2 spam one from 'SFR' (not!) over the last 24 hours but I just the email address and DID NOT click on the link it was asking me to! One was from mayebd@lastminute.fr and one was from maybd@amempire.com

It says that our prelevement has been rejected by our bank!!

These idiots must think we're as thick as they are!

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Posted by salsachica - 4 years ago

I had 1 from a friend about a year ago saying that she was stranded in another country without any money as she had lost all her money, passport etc. Fortunately I had been at her house until the early hours of that day as she had a birthday party so knew it was highly unlikely. She would have mentioned going on holiday and would not have been partying until the early hours if she was travelling the next day! As the email went out to everyone in her address book some people were fooled!

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Posted by firestarter-435430 - 4 years ago

This has also happened to me but again I was suspicious as it is unlikely that any of my friends would approach me in this way.

There are, unfortunately, some very clever people out there only too willing to take advantage and even if you think it might be genuine it always pays to check first.