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Internet/ telephone service provider

Posted by pilot-425170 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by etnerahc - 4 years ago

Bougeytel have the best customer service record if that's what's so important to you. However Orange seem to provide the best overall service. As you say it's your choice so you have to make a decision.

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Posted by smudge1949 - 4 years ago

Have a lok at Phonexpat have used them since we moved across last year and have supplied an excellent service for all our needs.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 4 years ago

It depends what your problem has been. If it's a technical issue and Orange can't solve it, the chances are that your next provider won't solve it either. If it's a problem with your account and basically you just want to not be with Orange any more and you want a clean start with another provider, pick one and switch and hope for the best. There is no telecoms provider with 100 per cent customer service satisfaction.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

Careful what you wish for!! We were with Orange but, lasy July decided to go with SFR (€7 per month less). We regretted it almost immediately and, just 6 months later, returned to Orange.

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 4 years ago

Thank you but I have no interest in people telling me how good Orange is. That's not what I asked for, I have indeed received shocking service from them and now want to get away from them ASAP, so please if you have any constructive comments based on my question I would appreciate it, if not please don't comment on Orange, I'm not interested,  my opinion is my opinion.

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

We are also with Orange and have experienced no problems with the service.  Any questions we have ever had to ask have been dealt with brilliantly by the English speaking help line.

Orange UK, now that's a totally different story!  Worst customer service we have ever encountered!  But don't let that put you off Orange France

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Posted by BURCHY-423214 - 4 years ago

Never had a problem with Orange at all in 9 years. English helpline are always great. I have the complete package of Internet, French and German TV, and unlimited worldwide calls, and Mobile phone and all work a treat.

Any problems which have been few have been dealt with quickly by helpline or by their shop in Fougeres.

Some friends recently moved to SFR and have had nothing but problems and are moving back to Orange.

Thats my experience of Orange although I have read of people having problems with them.

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

We're with sfr no problems with them. If there is a problem they don't have an english speaking line but they do have english speaking staff.

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Posted by teddyruxspin - 4 years ago

SFR ....terrible service had to fix the problem myself as they could not find it....but then neither could FT or orange

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Posted by Bob Bowen-382240 - 4 years ago

You pay your money and take your chance.  I am with SFR  and have been for many years and have found them excellent. When lines locally went down, I was first back up while orange customers waited several weeks to get back online.IIt is very much luck!