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Posted by pablopicasso - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by pablopicasso - 3 years ago

Thanks everyone .

I still use the block  on junk and when possible choose a key word as suggested, I  use the delete button now also , but I NEVER open junk mails for the reason of virus .

again cheers for the advice


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Posted by bhouse-10060550 - 3 years ago

It's extremely unlikely that you have a virus or malware, it's not a problem to spoof any e-mail address as the sender and a lot of spam is sent that way to make blocking difficult.

Try blocking it on the subject or a couple of unique words in the text or you could just press the delete button.

Having said that, it's always worth remembering never, never, ever to click on a link in an e-mail unless you are 100% sure of the sender and are expecting an attachment or a link from that particular sender.

It's also worth running malwarebytes regularly anyway.

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Posted by luap1 - 3 years ago

This happens when you open a malicious email sent to you  and click on an attachment or link contained in the email.  If you have received an email from your own address it's very likely that people you regularly email will have also have recieved one thinking it is from you.

Your first action as suggested by demonhighwayman is to change your email password. 

It would also be good practice to go into your control panel / programmes and check that a malicious programme has not been installed without your knowledge.

You should also check that malicious files have not allowed remote access. This can be found in Control panel / system & security / system / allow remote access   ....( ensure that you aren't allowing remote access).

It is wise to check your programme files and remote settings on a regular basis.  It's also useful to install  www.malwarebytes.com ( free download )  and run it at least weekly.

Good luck


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Posted by demonhighwayman - 3 years ago

From the sounds of it someone has gained access to your account, first thing to do is change your password then take it from there, you might want to also inform your email provider of the situation.