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latest orange livebox

Posted by JohnP-390097 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

It could be that you have the Wireless Connection and the Local Area Connection both activated and they are getting mixed up.  Only one should be activated.  In Windows 7 click on start and type in the Search programs and files type "Network Connections".  Double Click on Network Connections and it should open the network connections window.  You should have a Local Area Connection and also a WiFi connection.  Right click on the WiFi connection and select disable. 

Check the local area connection by double clicking on that and select Properties.  Then double click on Internet Protocal Version 4 and ensurethat the radio buttons for the following are selected:

Obtain an IP address automatically

Obtain DNS server address automatically

and click OK.

You might need to reboot the computer.

Hopefully that will put matters right, if not drop me a line via the site.


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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 3 years ago

Well, I switched off the livebox (for the second time) while I went shopping and rebooted on my return. When I re-connected the ethernet cable, it works and TV is back also. This is bizarre, It is not the cables, they are new and the pc-livebox cable was replaced along with the livebox 3 weeks ago.

The first time this happened, no amount of disconnecting and reconnecting or re-booting would cure the problem, I spent a whole weekend trying different things. Anyway it is working now so will see what happens. Thanks for your reply Rocker 47

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Posted by Rocker47-634289 - 3 years ago

If I understand you correctly, you cannconnect to the internet via WiFi but not via ethernet? If this is the case, it just be that you have a faulty ethernet cable or that the connection at either end is faulty.

It may not, in fact, be a problem with the LiveBox itself. I've been using the LiveBox in question for a while now, and many of the previous versions, with few if any problems.

If you haven't already done so, try switching off and unplugging the box for few minutes, before switching back on.