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Le Clerc mobile SIM

Posted by DaniB-418045 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

Ours worked fine from the UK without notifying them. As far as "the other person pays to receive your call" this will only happen if you are calling a mobile and the owner is outside of their " home" country. ie if you are calling someone's UK mobile and they are in the UK THEY will NOT be charged. Standard International Roaming rules apply.

I actually found that it was cheaper for me to call a UK fixed number from my eLeclerc mobile whilst in the UK than it was to use my UK mobile (PAYG). Check the eLeclerc charges as they may have changed since my experience.

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Posted by dabbityduck-384379 - 4 years ago

Yes - mine works in the UK too - beware of the costs though! Both you and the number you call will be charged. And goodness knows what the charge is on BF now.

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Posted by Dianamary - 4 years ago

No problem with using my Le clerc mobile in UK.