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Leroy Merlin

Posted by spud61 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by spud61 - 4 years ago

Thanks for the replies , most helpful :-)

I guess it is a bit pot luck then but have  a local Mr Bricolage in Plancoet so might be lucky.

Did think about the hire van option so that is  a possible ..

I take  it you needto take passport etc etc to do this ??

And yes have got my permission to put one up



Johhny h  

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Posted by Fashion1 - 4 years ago

Might be worth it to see if your local leroy, casto or other DIY shop offers vehicle rental. Our carrefour, castorama, leroy merlin offers van rentals starting from 15 minutes. Works out better as their delivery charge is €80 for the 7 kilometres.

You might also look to see if they offer free delivery if purchased online.

As for Easter, only Monday is a holiday here, and all the aforementioned shops are open on that day here at least.

Another thing to take into consideration is the size you plan on buying & installing. Rules vary from city to city but you might have to put in a declaration at your local maries or they could make you tear it down.

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Posted by Tiggers2 - 4 years ago

Sorry Bricolage ! wretched predictatext !

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Posted by Tiggers2 - 4 years ago

We purchased a 4 metre by 3 metre shed from our local bricklayer. ( 18 kilometres ) they delivered it free two hours later !!!

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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 4 years ago

Our local (small) Mr Bricolage has several in stock so may be worth enquiring at your nearest branch as I guess they all operate the same way. They have some very good offers on these models. I think you can now order from Bricolage website but you'd need to have a look. Our local branch has a large van so assume they do deliver...

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Posted by Huey-407259 - 4 years ago

LeRoy does deliver, but of course time depends on whether in stock on site.

As always ask.

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Posted by HarleyRider58 - 4 years ago

This close to Easter you might struggle getting a shed delivered from anyone....  I speak from experience.