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Lightning and RCDs

Posted by vivaofsnape - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

The rats will be along any day now, just like in UK.

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

We had the exact same thing in last night's storm.  Just the circuit that had the Deadbox on it.  Everything else on the same circuit survived but the Deadbox went belly up.  Why am I not surprised.  Cost me an hour in the queue in Guingamp Orange shop and €9 for the replacement.  Livin' the dream.

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Posted by TerryR-385906 - 3 years ago

To answer the original poster's question, no it doesn't mean that. 

To simplify a bit:

- RCDs trip when the current in the live and neutral are different. Normally this happens when there is a fault and some/all of the current in the live is getting to earth (possibly via a person) instead of coming back through the neutral.

- Lightning emits radio waves that can be received by your house wiring and generate current. This means that current will come back through the neutral that didn't go out through the live. 

- Depending on how the wiring is aligned some circuits will get better "reception" than others (just like when you turn your TV arial round to get a better signal). The RCD on that particular circuit will see a (relatively) big difference in the two currents and will trip (as it should).

- The main breaker "sees" the sum of all of the circuits in the house, so the difference in the two currents will be proportionately less and may not be enough to trip the breaker.

I've left out a lot of detail here but this should give you a basic understanding. The end result is that it is almost impossible to predict which breakers will trip and it doesn't mean that one breaker is faulty.

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Posted by La Magdelaine - 3 years ago

I have never trusted the leccy to trip in time to prevent a strike...in Devon the leccy tripped before thunder & lightening were up to 20 miles away & that was in the 1980's. Here I have a a TRUST to protect the puters & printer...altho nothing protects the Livebox & fone.

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Posted by Jivedance-411773 - 3 years ago

We have an up do date electricity panel. Recently and again this morning the MAIN RCD tripped when lightening was nearby.  So maybe you need to have an electrician check it out. Ours is ultra sensitive to lightening it seems, which is good.