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Live box computer connection etc.

Posted by jandave - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by jandave - 3 years ago

A very big thank you from me to all that replied, I thought we had some good computer people on Anglo-Info and I'm pleased to say I was right. It will take me a while to work through the suggestions made but will make a post to let everybody know the outcome. Thank you once again.

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

Just to add to what JB2014 has just said, people have also been advised to keep the router well clear of speakers - the magnets can affect it apparently. It's all rather inconvenient trying to keep these components apart - the telephone is often located close to the router for obvious reasons and, as advised, if it's a cordless 'phone, it can affect the router's wifi signal, but experimenting with moving them a bit is worth trying. I also understand that it's important to plug the router into the main incoming 'phone socket, not a secondary one (eg in the bedroom) - and of course to have a filter on all 'phone sockets, even secondary ones.

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Posted by JB2014 - 3 years ago

If your cordless house phone base is within 2 or 3 meters of  the livebox, move it just a little. (Or move the livebox a little). They can really mess up wifi  which also operates on 2.4Ghz. Shifting things just 10 cm can have an amazing effect. 

Microwave ovens, wireless game controllers, blue tooth devices, fluorescent lighting and even poor electrical connections in things like wall sockets are all things that can ruin you wifi connection.

I know it sounds like rubbish but it's true.

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

It would be interesting to know the information requrested by vivaofsnape but it is not required to answer your questions to change the Channel Setting for Wifi and SallyDixon is scaremongering.  If you do change the settings of your livebox and you mess things up you can easily get the unit back to factory settings.  AQ good advice before you start playing with the Livebox.  Reboots are always good and check the signal strength on the WiFi icon and using a cable is always the preferred option.  I am astonished at the number of people I meet that have their laptop on a desk next to the livebox and insist on using WiFi.

So to change the Channel of your Livebox WiFi type in the address bar of your web browser.  You will be asked for your username and password.  admin is the default username and the first 6 or 8 characters of your Security Code printed on the box is usually the password to get into the box.

Once you are connected, in the top bar where it says "Home" and "Settings" click on Settings

Then in the left hand menu click on Configuration and then WiFi and then Settings.

This will open up a page which shows

Enable Wifi - should be ticked

Livebox name - you can change this to whatever you like so you could call it for example jandave_BOX  warning anything that used the previous name will lose its connection so for the time being leave it alone

Broadcast SSID - should be ticked

Mode b/g/n leave it as is

Channel - see below

Security Key - you can change the security key to anything you like that is easier than the 26 character long code but warning if you do change it anything connected using the previous code will be disconnected and you will need to enter new login details.

Security Mode - SPA/WPA2 leave it as is


So the Channel of the WiFi.  There is a down arrow v click on this and it will show you the channels available.  Setting it to Auto is the favourite but you can go through the channels one by one to see if things improve.

Neither you phone nor and hard wired equipment connected to your live box will be affected by any change you make in the WiFi Settings Area.  Remember after each change to scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click on save.  Wait several seconds for the update to be done.

If still no improvement then you need to extend your wifi by using something like the Homeplug or this which is quite a fast one http://www.ebuyer.com/662823-zyxel-pla5206-1000mbps-powerline-gigabit-ethernet-adaptor-twin-pack-pla5206-gb0201f

This only provides a Hard Wired extension using main sockets which for maximum performance must be on the same circuit.

If you want to still be able to use your laptop on WiFi in an extended scenario then this is probably the best available at the moment,


I use the older model of this to extend coverage through two 1mtr thick walls and it works very well, though not as good as hard wired of course.

Note the Livebox guide is for the older style live box Series1 that looks like a partially open book http://nicotix.free.fr/livebox.jpg  The newer ones that look as though one corner has been cut off have similar settings procedures.

Good luck and if you do get stuck email me and I'll let you have my phone number.


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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

It certainly sounds like a  fault with the laptop, or with the laptop settings. If other devices are connecting without problem, then the router must be OK. If you click on the icon for wifi / signal, it should give you an idea of signal strength, as a first check.

Have you tried "rebooting" the router by disconnecting both the power and incoming telephone cables for a minute then reconnecting again ?

Is the laptop battery low ? It shouldn't have much effect on signal strength, but it just might affect it.

When or where did it last work OK ?  Has anything changed since then ?

Whilst laptops are meant to be used in wifi mode, have you tried a cable connection ? You might need to do that anyway, so you can get on line to do some searches for possible solutions to the problem.

Good luck

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Posted by SallyDixon - 3 years ago

Hi there

Your problem with wi-fi is not uncommon.

You do not say what type of pc you are having trouble with but as you are testing it by moving it around the house, then I assune it is a laptop.

The problem is going to be with your machine;s ability to receive a signal, as you have already proved to yourself by comparing with others in the house.  You could improve this by purchasing a small plug in wi-fi dongle and plugging this into a usb port on your pc.  Some software will be provided which is simple to set up. 

If it is a desktop machine then you could use the method above or you could purchase the units that plug into nearby power sockets and connect at one end to your livebox and at the other, to your pc

I would strongly recomend that you do not attempt to change any of your livebox settings as per the suggestion made by Orange.


Hope this helps


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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

Provide some more information re your computer. What is it and how old. If a laptop have you tried at an alternative wifi hotspot eg a Bar or a Neighbour?