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livebox nightmare

Posted by Mandinko - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Mandinko - 4 years ago

Hi All

Many thanks for all of your input.  Looks like it will be a call to the English speaking line.  Fingers crossed it doesn't shutdown during the phone call which it also does quite frequently.

Much appreciate all of your help.


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Posted by bonnefond-502008 - 4 years ago

It is just possible that as a recent install it is attempting to update itself. Every time you interupt this it will reboot only to try again later. This has happened to me.

May be worth a try to leave it for a while when it does go off and see if this helps.

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Posted by John Rodney - 4 years ago

I will keep this as short as I possibly can.

I have been having connection problems for seven months.  No end of calls to the helpline, multi recommande letters to, three different Orange locations including, in the end to The Director General in Paris.  I have had 18 engineers at my house, on top of that numerouse engineers have been sighted nearby.

 Earlier this week an operator told me that between 16h and 17h someone would call me. They did, a young lady,who spoke English, patiently talked me through nearly 2 hourse of techno bable with black screen and techy numbers, letters and squigles that could just as well been chinese. When the young lady had cracked the problem and got me a connection there was a loud shout of "Yeeeeeees we did it!!!"

 The moral of the story.  My first change of livebox was configurde by an engineer at the Pontivy shop.  The second one was sent to me via a collection point at Super U Loudeac.  I and eighteen engineers were using the codes etc, on my contract but, in fact I had changed from the simple internet only box to the more adult livebox. 

Quite simply Orange had not issued a new contract so, everyone was using the right numbers but in the wrong order, "Credit to Eric Morecombe"

It must have cost them thousands of euros in engineers visits, repairs to junction boxes that possibly didn't need it and God knows how many KMs of new cable.

Now I'm off to fight for compensation,  Wish me luck.

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Posted by ingetje - 4 years ago

you can check your line online yourself, very easy and it will hopefully tell you the problem!


fill in your phone number, mark what the problem is and test!

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 4 years ago

You need to ring the Orange English Speaking Helpline.  They will test your line and most likely put a monitor on it to determine the problem.   09 69 36 39 00  Note this is not a free call.

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Posted by izzyandclive - 4 years ago

We have an Orange Livebox and we have never had any problems with it. When we have disconnected the supply ourselves and then switched it back on it does take rather a long time to reset which must be very irritating for you. If your electricity supply is OK it could be the Livebox itself is faulty, perhaps overheating and automatically shutting down? I do have the english speaking phone number for Orange technical problems somewhere..let me know if you want it and I will dig it up.