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looking for someone to make a kitchen

Posted by lamb chop - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Farthing - 4 years ago

I bought a kitchen from Conforma. It had a bit of 'Old French country kitchen' (albeit melamine) about it that I couldn't find elsewhere.

I  considered a custom made timber affair but 'cost effectiveness' won over.

I have never installed a kitchen before: I was daunted by the prospect of assembling anything flat-pack myself. Hoverver prior IKEA experience was all that was needed. Assembling it was actually fun! The only difficulty was working round gas and water pipes but I took it slowly and cut out the bits as necessary.

There are plenty of 'YouTube'  sites for instructions.

Good luck!





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Posted by rosieholt - 4 years ago

Bonjour de l'Angleterre,

Do try   Daniel LE VAILLANT   at Bel Air , St. Connec (near Mur de Bretagne)

Tel : 02 96 26 08 88

He did an excellent job making a bespoke staircase for our house in Hemonstoir, when we lived at Reguly. He also speaks good English .

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Posted by pointgrey - 4 years ago

I would thorouhly recomend Rigid Kitchens, they have just renewed our kitchen and they are very good. I think they advertise AI

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Posted by mns-438759 - 4 years ago

HI try Adam at Rustic Revival -(website)

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Posted by sleighbells - 4 years ago

We have a good kitchen made by a french company which we can recommend if you are interested.

As to the "no reply" thing ...I contacted a company recently about flooring, which also had a FB address. He answered in FB but I never got his reply in AI - i.e. he had also answered via AI. I asked AI if there is a problem with this and they didn't really know. Trouble is we can't tell if the company is just not answering or if there is a problem...I suspect the latter so maybe more people should report when this happens (or rather doesn't :)  )

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Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - 4 years ago

Chris Buckley, Bonen, Rostrenen - his work is fabulous

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Posted by lamb chop - 4 years ago

We are near guemene sur scorff