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mary mary quite contrary,how does your garden grow?

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Millisle - 4 years ago

Hi Jaime,

Here in Caurel-we all complaining seeds are taking much longer to germinate compared to last year, -grass always needs cutting,but many many seedlings just beginning to mature .

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Posted by Bollydolly-889742 - 4 years ago

We used to have a one and a half acre garden and small copse when we lived in Cheshire. Your post Jamie brought back memories of tootling along on the lawn tractor, thinking of absolutely nothing...Bliss! 

We now live in Dinan and have 6 window boxes and 2 tubs! Do we miss the land?....NO!! we now tootle to the bar, sit on the terrace and think of not having all that work to do!!

Live Love Laugh & take time out to smell the flowers :-)

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

Just a few hectares,so to be honest it is more of a nice bit of woodland ;-)  I like the sound of forest better xx

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Posted by smellyoulater - 4 years ago

How big is your forest ?

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

Just called into my forest near brec'h and will say that the growth in there looks like it should do in two months time. The ferns are looking like they have come from the south pacific.

Most definately a season of excepttional growth.

Jamie xx

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Posted by woody-383477 - 4 years ago

We have a very large garden and, when we bought the house, some lawn was already established.  When we decided to sow another area we were recommended to use Gazon Anglais seed as it grows more slowly.  The difference in growth rate is certainly very noticeable as we have to cut the other areas twice as frequently.  Before we moved over permanently we were staying in our holiday home for a few days - we noticed that when we arrived the grass of the neighbours was just below the height of the fence and, four days later was about six inches over - incredible!

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Posted by jackelliot - 4 years ago

We live in Cahaix,  we went away for two weeks, came home to a jungle of a garden. Cannot believe how quick the grass grows here.


Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

ha ha,the three bantams make me think of three men and a baby :-)

Happy to hear that you getting your enjoyment of all that beauty around you Chris,no wonder you are a lovely chilled out couple.

Keep it up xx

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Posted by bretonlion - 4 years ago


With over 20 types of grass, I see the difference in growing .. well drained soil or soil that holds moisture makes a difference .. but in my opinion,  the dew makes the biggest difference, it feeds the grass .. especially my newly sown lawns .. 

I do collect my grass cuttings on most of my "house" lawns .. mulching on only my "field" lawns.. and then alot of the grass is collected for hay .. which at this time of the year grows that quick it is on it's second crop ..



Ps ..The hens are now living in their "summer" quarters .. saves them eating the young veg ..

The Bantams went broody, and are now rearing the hens chick ..  three bantams rearing at the moment one chick ..

The Blue-tits reared seven chicks and the fledge successfully .. the Great Spotted Woodpecker has found a liking for the peanuts I put out for the other wild birds .. he hops on to the feeder .. cannot seem to land directly .. The red sqirrels have yet to find a way of getting the peanuts ..

Its a "daft life" ...

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

Sorry Chris,I never saw your message. Indeed you have got a lot of grass to cut in your garden and I am sure that it will be taking up a lot of your time. No doubt the chickens will be working harder to find insects in the longer grass too.

Love to you and your good lady xx

and goes without saying to the chucks too ,-)