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Posted by Yaddlethorpe Crossroads - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago

Still need to know if the PAYG SIM was bought from a provider-eg. my mother's PAYG Tesco mobile is 'locked' to Tesco only. (No prob. for her).

Is your 'phone 'unlocked'? so that you can buy another SIM.


You can buy the same 'phone on Amazon France for 25 euros-unlocked/SIM free so you can put in any SIM you like.





Just wrap it in a THICK plastic bag and place in the 'fridge. It should 'slim down' and then you can manoeuvre the thing.

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Posted by Yaddlethorpe Crossroads - 4 years ago

It is a UK PAYG Sim Card and still struggling open up the phone  I give up.  It may work when the weather is cooler!

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Posted by Yaddlethorpe Crossroads - 4 years ago

I am still struggling to remove the sim card - it is stuck!   I have been to the Amazon page as suggested and have posed that question - how to remove News Reports etc (in English) as it is a UK sim card.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago

OK. You have an UK SIM card-who provided the SIM card? O2/Tesco etc.

Is it Pay As You Go?

Is it 'unlocked'-meaning can you remove (as already described) the SIM card and use another one from another provider? If 'yes'-unlocked- then just get another SIM, replace in the 'phone-give your number to friends/family and away you go.

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Posted by rhys1 - 4 years ago



Link  above has ppl explaining how to remove the back to change simcard / battery. (You are not the first to have the problem, apparently. ) 

Who exactly are you receiving unwanted text messages from ?  I  have read that the worst thing you can do is reply to a text message from an unsolicited caller ~they have scam  mechanisms to charge you a fortune for the simple fact of texting particular numbers. So if you don't recognize the person / entity texting you then just delete.  DON'T trust any message which states ' If you want to stop these messages text 'stop'  etc to   .............(number) '.  That's the scam, or one version of it. 


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Posted by countrydweller - 4 years ago

Obviously at some time you have put your mobile number on a website or you have responded to a cold call-perhaps one you missed and you then phoned it back- or signed up for something without realising.Normally these texts cost you the recipient money so do you have a PAYG or contract?And is it a UK sim or a French one? To remove the sim take off the cover remove the battery and side the sim out but if you are on a contract you could possibly still be paying for these texts