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mobile phones

Posted by sara6x6 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by dagbaruch - 3 years ago

If you already have a mobile, the a sim card from LeClerc will only cost you €1,50 per monthe plus (I think) €0,09 per text.  we use this, and have done for about 10 years.

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Posted by sara6x6 - 3 years ago


Thanks for such great info - and I have a feeling that, yes, it may well be a challenge. I believe there is a line already there and that it is just a case of having it switched on - hopefully before we arrive. Anyway thanks for the heads-up.


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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Hi, we have just gone through this. You DO have to have access to a French mobile phone -Orange txt message/ call to confirm the appointment - cannot take the +44 of international numbers. No confirmation not attendance at least for physical connection!

Best, if you have friends or neighbours and use their mobile number that is what we did. If you are having a line physically connected please be sure that the telephone hook up point is all connected in the house, after renovation, we had no line and Orange would not connect the line.

It is a good idea to visit,i f possible or needed, the local Orange Office to get a Livebox - best get a fresh one due to the access numbers etc. You can also sort out tariffs. Once connected Orange send the access code to your house by POST you apply this on your house phone to activate the line.

BTW you only need any unlocked mobile so it can then accept any French providers SIM card  - no necessarily Orange. May make sense to convert you UK mobile to PAYG  to keep your UK mobile - it will work in France too- as in 2017 all roaming charges end in the EU for mobiles.

Orange have a variety of tariffs, at €55/month is high but you get free unlimited calls to all European Landlines and Mobiles as well as internet. Best visit the Orange shop/website for tariff advice. While you may wish to set this all up before arrival we found it a challenge. 

It is also possible to do much of this online and using the Orange English phone line - be prepared to wait but very helpful. Bon chance - I'm sure you will not regret your choice to come to France.

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Posted by sara6x6 - 3 years ago

Hi Janes,

Cheers for replying - I've just managed to buy one from Amazon.fr. Orange.fr said that as part of the process of activating bb/ll I had to supply them with a French mobile n.o. as messages/instructions would be sent to that no. Fingers crossed....

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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

You do not need to have a French mobile in order to have broadband/landline. Or are they saying that there is no landline at your house, in which case you will have to use your mobile for internet. If this is the case there are other solutions worth looking at.