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Mould and Damp.

Posted by chink-401014 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by shepherdscrook - 4 years ago

jetlag Normandy

We live here permanently so mould not due to house being closed up but most people living in old houses get this problem as there is no insolation in the walls except in some cases soil!!! Yes our nextdoor neighbours when they had to redo a wall found soil as their insolation which was causeing some of their damp problems.

here it is because also there is no damp proofing as houses just didn't have it when ours was built.

The spray is cheap and it works.

leaving the vents open on a woodburner will only work in that room surely? Ours are open obviously all winter whilst the woodburner is in use but closed in the summer months when not in use.

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Posted by brionybob - 4 years ago

We have a wood burning stove and when we leave the house we open the vents on it so there is a draw up the chimney. Since we have started doing this we don't get a problem. Worth a try!

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 4 years ago

I use a mould spray I bought from lidl and it works great. I spray the area and a little around the area too then leave to dry for a few hours then wash off then respray over the area plus either side and paint over and in the bathroom and hallway where I have done mould has not come back at all. It creates a barrier.

Now going to do that in front room before decorating.

It has worked on piping also.

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Posted by Jet Lag - 4 years ago

Use VMC as the above. Both Normandy and Brittany are recognised as areas with high humidity so a VMC will help.

The British regs are now forcing new builds to have something similar to VMC so that the air in the house is constantly being circulated and replaced with fresh air. However does not help a lot if that air is already humid!!

Good ventilation is the key. If the house is closed for much of the time you can expect mould and mildew.

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Posted by JLJ-429896 - 4 years ago

All the French use VMC (mechanical ventilation). Mandatory on new builds, I believe. Not too difficult to install and works a treat. The French seem to regard good ventilation as essential for health and take it more seriously than us Brits.

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 4 years ago

We bought a portable air conditioner, it heats, cools and de-humidifies, I was looking at running a dehumidifier over the winter but was worried about running cost, this link is to a similar machine that we bought, it uses less electricity and can be used all year round.


In the winter I have it set to maintain a regular temperature (about 18 degrees) and de-humidifier, it is hosed to the outside and a lot of water comes out.

Remember if leaving for a few weeks to cling film over your toilet/showers and sink wastes, as it will pull out the water and then you will have nasty niffs from your fosse/drains.

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Posted by salsachica - 4 years ago

We run a dehumidifyer in the bedroom for a few hours after we get up then during showers and cooking and for a good few hours after that. More if its a wet day. On sunny/dry days we open as many windows as possible and have them open as long as possible. If trying to get washing dry inside the house then the machine is on non stop. The part of the house not being used (small apartment) has the windows fixed in a semi open position with shutters down but the vents open. No signs of any mould apart from a few spots on the window ledge in the bedroom. I don't use bleach due to bad reaction to it so use a bicarb and vinegar solution and tea tree oil is also good for mould. In a previous property I used anti mould paint on the walls in the rooms that were really prone to it eg bathroom and kitchen. 

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Posted by le touq - 4 years ago

For years, everytime we returned to our place, spent the first few days cleaning and clearing mould from a west facing wall and almost every item of furniture.  Tried all sorts of things.  Last summer we installed a machine called Mr Venty.  Bought a brand new unit from Ebay for £450 and had it installed for 80€. (but can easily be connected to a socket if you have such a thing in the loft)  According to the manufacturer, it consumes about £40 worth of electricity every year.

The unit is installed in the loft space (works in roof construction where there is no felt).  Uses the fresh air in the roof space pumps this fresh air to the rooms below.  The fan is very quite, not heared at all during the day and at night a very faint noise (very similar to a PC fan).  During hot periods it automatically shuts down to prevent heat getting in to the house.  

We now have been back twice, no damp, no smell and above all no mould.  

I have absolutely no connection with this manufacturer nor do i sell this product.  For us it has been fantastic.

For further info visit:  http://www.envirovent.com/home-ventilation/products/whole-house-ventilation/mr-venty-eco-sub-2-sub-loft/ 

Happy dry days.

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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 4 years ago

Friends leave their house from October to March. They run two dehumifiers overnight on cheap electric, one upstairs and one downstairs. Works a treat, everything is sealed tight so once they leave the machines pull the humidity down to 60% (could go lower), result no mould anywhere. All internal doors open. The dehumidifiers are rotating disc ones that also throw out heat and work at less than freezing. Also they don't lose their programming if there is a power failure.


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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

I have found the only real solution is sunlight - helped by ventilation.

We have a new build that has been closed all winter and I found a useful tip after arriving this moth to find one interior wall painted with white matt emulsion had suffered with the dreaded stuff.

I mixed a very weak solution of bleech in a fine spray bottle - soaked the wall carful not to miss any area next morning wall like new !