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Mouse/Rat Glue Traps

Posted by JimH-405027 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by skydiver-437154 - 4 years ago

ALWAYS remember,  rats are vermin, they carry weils disease.  urinating on ANYTHING. clothing , food, etc........suggest you adopt a ferel cat,  i did, i have 3 ,.....ONE huge tom shreds the vermin.   adopting a ferel helps the area you live in.    job done.......ps. was plagued by mice/ rats when i moved in being i live near a farm.............now NOTHING.    regards.

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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

It's about time these things were banned altogether.  Please DO NOT use them.  Cruel, barbaric .....

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Posted by badlittlemonkey - 4 years ago

Absolutely itinerant child!!!

There is no greater vermin on this planet than humans. We have done it no favours at all!!

But that's a subject for another day.

For anyone who sees nothing wrong with glue traps, have a look at this:



Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

I have caught many mice at various friends houses with the fifth trap in the list on this link

http://www.amazon.co.uk/humane-mouse-trap/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i:aps,k:humane mouse trap

The mice have space to move around and get plenty of air and then you can either have a nice walk to at least a mile away or drive them even further if you are worried on them returning and let them go.

I have no experience with catching rats so can not share my experience there.

Nature is a very fragile thing and if one starts killing one species it can often have a serious knock on effect with other species. Its worth giving a bit of thought !!

If they are vermin,what on earth are we ?



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Posted by nag champa - 4 years ago

If you use the glue traps responsibly and only inside (so not trapping wildlife, just vermin) then they are no more cruel than poison or normal mouse traps.  If we have mice ever get in the house I use them and check them several times a day.  If Ive caught a mouse I put the board and mouse into a bucket of water and drown it quickly.  I daresay it isn't very nice for the mouse but then neither is dying in a trap that may have broken their back but not killed them or being poisoned but I don't want mice in my house and they don't seem to respond to being asked politely to leave :) Plus our cat is not the best mouser!

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Posted by candid - 4 years ago

Enough cruelty in the world already without this method .What other creatures can get  stuck on them?

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Posted by brodeuse - 4 years ago

Our cat is an extremely good mouser. Unfortunately, she can't get the hang of the fact that she needs to make sure the house is free of mice so brings them in from outside - not always dead. We have spent more time chasing mice around the house since she arrived than before!

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Posted by countrydweller - 4 years ago

Yes I agree they are vermin and very destructive and insanitary but that does not mean that you have to be cruel.When required I use mouse traps that kill instantly.The best solution is to get a cat preferably one that needs rehoming

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Posted by smudge1949 - 4 years ago

Jim H

Mice/Rats are vermin and can and do cause extensive damage so any way of getting rid is good they are no more cruel than traps and can work. So if you have a problem go ahead and use them.

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Posted by countrydweller - 4 years ago

These are incredibly cruel Basically the animal gets stuck on the pad and either starves to death and/or dies of thirst.The other alternative is for you to kill the creature and then try and get the body off the sticky pad or throw the whole lot away.You cannot succesfully remove a live animal from the pad and if by any chance you did manage it the glue is so stong that the creature will stick to whatever it comes into contact with and if it tries to clean itself it will glue its mouth up.Far better to use a proper trap that kills the animal in moments or a humane trap that enables you to release far from the house