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Mr Bricolage, Loudeac

Posted by thomascromwell - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by GoneandDunit - 3 years ago

I bought a climatisation system from Brico Depot, when I came to install it it was obvious one of the units had been strong>previously installed, it took three months and a well published blog to get satisfaction.

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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

We had a problem with a chain saw bought from Mr B at Carhaix.  Same oil mix thing quoted at us.  First we were told too much in mix then not enough.

Husband (who is not writing this) knows about these sort of things, not a novice n=but gave up in the end with them.  We had judicil protection but didn't think to use it!


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Posted by Farthing - 3 years ago

I similalry found that iontervention by an 'influentia'l French friend got me my money back. Nevertheless I still don't but from Mr B anymore.

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Posted by DebbieH-997041 - 3 years ago

Excerpt from my blog (www.debbiehockey.blogspot.fr)

You won't believe this, but there has been a development with the strimmer. And it's a positive one. I wrote a letter to M. Bricolage outlining my complaint. Alain, our very lovely French neighbour, translated it and added some sauce. We had previously visited the store en force. I sent the letter by registered post, and received confirmation of its receipt. Alain received a phone call saying that they would refund the cost of the strimmer (300 Euros) in the shape of a credit note, or 'bon avoir'. This is quite a momentous occasion, it appears, a first! All of the staff in the Tulle store knew about our impending refund. ALL of them! They were actually very happy on our behalf... 

My faith in M. Bricolage is restored! This is good customer service! 

By the way, do not buy a Ryobi strimmer. It won't work for very long. Buy a Stihl. I don't know what made us NOT buy a Stihl, as our Stihl chainsaw is dreamy.

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Posted by callac4ever - 3 years ago

Never had a problem with M. Brico in Carhaix!

Strimmer exchanged when broken. Free delivery when buying 2 log burners. Staff always happy to help.

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Posted by Farthing - 3 years ago

Mr B seems to be notorius so I suggest you speak with your feet like I did.

I'm renovating with a budget of 20,000 Euros (now mostly spent). My first encounter with Mr B asking for a refund under normal and reasonable circumstances was met with disdain. I explained that I was looking for good customer service and without it I'd take my 20,000 euros elsewere. The Mr B manager was happy with that so I don't buy from Mr B anymore. I also found several of their male staff sourly generally.

I've had no probelms with Brico Depot returning items for a refund or replacement nor at Leclerc for Electrical goods..

Good customer service and its benefits does not seem to be well understood by some industries in France.

As it is I cannot understand how there are so many hardware stores and chains in France. None seem to have the  complete range of goods that I'm accustomed to elsewhere. In Australia where I come from there are essentially only two hardware chains that compete fiercely. That soon put the non performes out of business

Vote with your feet.

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

With respect Heavitree, I was referring to bilbows comment.

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

We both speak perfect French so no problem there but they would not accept responsibility.

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Posted by Heavitree-431035 - 3 years ago


With respect I do not think those who have replied to this share your view . Perhaps it just that the problem is a managerial one.

I purchased a very expensive gas barbeque from M.Bricolage and within six months it developed a gas leak in the common rail burner feed.

Barbeque returned to Pontivy store for inspection ,on trailer as it was too large to go in car 

No problem they said , we will order a replacement part .

Two weks later ,phone call to say part has arrived. Barbeque back on trailer to visit Pontivy store.

Visit  apres -vente . Sales assistant tried to hand me a carboard box ,saying Monsieur ,this is your replacement part.

My response , no I am not qualified to fit this , and if I did , I am sure it would nullify the guarantee.

Instant brick wall put up by member of staff saying " take it or leave it"

We then demanded the responsable  du magasin . After a wait of 30 mins. He arrived and again handed me the box. More discussion. Eventually after a lot of our insistance , he gave in .I lent him a screwdiver  and he fitted the new part . We must have frightened him as his hand was shaking so much he could hardly get the screwdriver to connect with the screws !!!

I am sure our ability to speak fluent french helped.

I was recently informed that all french employees , whether private or public are told NOT to take any responsability for any problem !

I know not why ?


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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

Sorry, that should read 18 years!!!!