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Mr Bricolage, Loyalty points.

Posted by John Rodney - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

An ammendment to  that above last post by me. When and if, you go into a Mr B during  the month of your birthday and your loyalty card is scanned,  they will offer you a 10% reduction which you can  then opt to take on one item of your purchase. Not anything on promo though. And,  should you buy 10 packs of laminate flooring, you can opt to have the 10% off that item, which means 10% off the 10 packs of laminate flooring. But if you buy say a circular saw at the same time, the 1O% can only be used on the laminate. So, my advice, is to use the 10% on  the most expensive item or pack of same items which you buy.

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

As smudge says, when you reach 300 points, a voucher for 10 euros will be sent to you, however, if you receive 900 points, then a voucher for 30 euros will be sent to you via post. The date for the maximum time limit your are supposed to use these vouchers is stipulated on back.  But, in reality,  if you go in say a few days or a week after the date  has passed, most stores will still accept it. BTW, the vouchers from say Mr Bricolage in Loudeac, can be used at any Mr Bricolage anywhere.

As regarding your birthday voucher,  everyone who applies for a loyalty card, has, when applying, to enter their birthdate. Then, when your birthday comes, you will recieve a 10%  discount voucher  to be spent during the month of your birthady, and can only be used on one item, but should you buy say 10 packs of laminate florring, you will get 10% off the 10 packs of laminate flooring. This 10% can't be used on items which are for sale on promo either.

Back to the points system, the loyalty card systemtthat is. The points are accrued over a three month period and then once that has finished, you have a further three months in which to use them at the shop. During  that following three months though, you will be accruing further points on your next period and any purchases, including the purchase of the 10% will be included in it. The currentthree month period lasts from the start of December until the end of February next year.

I  hope this has clarified it for you

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Posted by John Rodney - 3 years ago

Helps a little Smudge.

Does that mean you can only recover 10 euros?

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Posted by smudge1949 - 3 years ago

Hi John

The system works as follows, points are added every time you shop when the points reach a certain level i think this is 300 they then send you a €10 cheque to spend with them, this is done on a 3 monthly basis. Hop this helps