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Nearly moving time

Posted by Tizzler - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by tinabee - 3 years ago

One thing we find really useful, even after several years here, is to have a dual sim phone. That way you can keep your UK number and have a French one as well.

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Posted by Tizzler - 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments everyone. Amazingly it seems to be things like Paypal that are more of a pain to sort out than a proper bank account etc. The place we're moving into has internet, so we're just going to get ourselves installed and then sort out things bit by bit. Mobile phones seem to be a pain, it'll be far better when roaming charges are dropped. When I ask my landlord to be, and ex mayor, about things like bank accounts and stuff he just shrugs and tells me to relax, we can sort it all out, stop worrying etc. I'm going to go with his approach I think. I've got all legal things covered for now, the exercise now is getting ourselves over there. I might buy a van............hmm, there's another couple of hours going to be spent on eBay! Anyway, thanks again all.

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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

As usual , some good, and some mis-information here . I moved permanently over 2 years ago and have NEVER BEEN ASKED for a French translation of anything . Getting, or using an internet connection is a fairly high priority, in this modern connected World you can organise many things when you are here , e-mail insurance companies etc for a no-claims certificate if you have forgotten to ask before etc . 

Despite some doom and gloom commnents France is an organised country , albeit very slow on some aspects of administration, a great place to live , plan what you can before you leave , organise what you have not anticipated when you are here . Good quality 'travel adaptor' , converters are less a fire hazard than some original French wiring . 

Just think ahead as much as possiible , ie, if you have a French bank account to use before you move it helps, my Internet and house Insurance have to be paid by DD here , and it really helps to keep a UK contact address for mail, Ebay accounts etc when you leave . It can take a surprisingly long time to change everything to a French address .  I KNOW , I have done all this over the 2 years or more . 

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Mark any garden plants  you want to bring and prepare for their removal closer to the time.

Get your no claims bonus confirmed in wring from your current car insurer.

If you intend to bring your computer printer/copier be sure to get enough ink - you may need it! Easier and cheaper to get cartirdges from Amazon.

If your rental has a fosse septique  - DO NOT bring any non fosse approved cleaning products. 

Be sure to clear out the attic of your current house first! don't leave the new owners to make money from what you left!

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Posted by Lbg-414703 - 3 years ago

If you are thinking of moving here permanently I would advise getting copies of your medical records from your G.P.  I believe that there is a charge, but it's easier to arrange before leaving and also having the additional cost of postage.

I was also going to recommend Brit Line Bank if you don't speak much French.

Good luck and I'm sure you will enjoy living here.



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Posted by seaspray-397615 - 3 years ago

Bring your Sky box and Sky card.  If you subscribe to Sky you just have to give them an address in England and you can still watch English TV.  

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Posted by Jdkane3 - 3 years ago

Bienvenue, in advance. We made a similar move in August. The bank account is something you can do easier in the UK, and with a property address (owned, in the process of buying, or with a rental aggreement). Credit Agricole Britline is very good with support and services. You can also arrange for Internet service before your move, either with Orange, or with a sattelite system like Twoway. The alternative is too many McDonalds visits. If you were working in the UK, you should request your S1 from HMRC for applying for medical coverage (Carte Vitale) in France.  If your a Heinz beans fan, bring them, or try to remember how inexpensive they were in the UK. Bon Voyage.

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Posted by rison - 3 years ago


May be worth looking at your bank over in the UK, if you are bringing money over on a regular basis.

Once you move over it is very difficult  to get a new UK bank account.

Nationwide for instance have a credit card that gives you the almost full exchange rate with no handling charges, so if you pay it off each month it is excellent.

It works great for us at the moment with the high exchange rate, we try to use it for every purchase.


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Posted by tinabee - 3 years ago

You could also consider CurrencyFair for transfers once you have your French bank account set up - they offer great rates and only a €3 transfer fee.

You would normally have to pay for a French bank account, and for a card, but do watch out for the bank trying to sign you up for a "packaged account". You may not need all the services they offer and they all come at a price. You can get a basic bank account for 60 centimes per month and a basic card for  about €16 per year. An alternative would be to look for an online bank account, e.g. Fortuneo, which can be free, if you fulfil certain requirements.  If you google "compte bancaire gratuit en ligne" you will see what is on offer.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

The Saga visa card is also an excellent credit card with no fees and excellent rate of exchange, always.