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New Dangerous email Warning

Posted by Lerome-405515 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by BlindOrange - 4 years ago

Lerome, you are right to correct me. I didn't make it plain that the address you should put in your browser is the address of the site you want to get to (Amazon, Patypal, your bank) and obviously not any address in the e-mail itself.

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

You can purchase lists of tens of thousands of email addresses.  You can also buy software that generates random addresses.  Then the spammers and scammers send them out at the click of a button.

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Posted by Bretongaffer - 4 years ago

All very helpfuland yes,I too was scammed yesterday. But what worries me ishow do they get our emails?! I have had no internet dealings with La Poste or Chronopost.


Cheers,   Breton Old Gaffer

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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 4 years ago

I have been getting email about parcels that couldn't be delivered for ages now, FedEx is the most common. But this name is new to me. The normal procedure when the can't deliver is to leave a card in the mail box. How many times do you have to give your email when ordering something, or if you are sending a parcel, the email of the person it is going to. I suspect never.

i think anyone who uses email regularly is now getting used to these scam email. Just delete is the easiest way.  Now days most delivery firms have a drop off place, ours is le clers, just 5 mins away. Others use intermarche. If you hold you curser/finger  over the sent from address you will usually see it is from another country. 


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Posted by Rustin Ail - 4 years ago

I check suspect emails by activating the message  "View" box then right click the email and select "View message source".

This way I can read most of the email content in safety, I BELIEVE. If you know better please say so.


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Posted by Kathy01 - 4 years ago

Goneandunit I get the same it seems Amazon has been targeted by scammers the mails i get demand payment for my order as the process failed and asks me to manually enter my card details etc. Worrying as the amounts demanded are exactly the amounts i have ordered and paid for. I contacted Amazons fraud line but heard nothing.

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Posted by Aliben-397416 - 4 years ago

Yup, I got one too today, but just deleted it, I was not expecting a parcel, but you never know who may be sending one for real, parcel that is,

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Posted by Lerome-405515 - 4 years ago

Just a minor correction to what Blind Orange said, do NOT access the link address by going to it in your browser. If you merely hover your mouse pointer over the link and look at the bottom left corner of the browser window, you will see the 'Status bar' which will show the web address (URL) of that link. If it isn't the same name as the company that is supposed to have sent the email, be suspicious. Sometimes the name of the company may be included in the address, such as microsoft.support.mydomain.com  In the case of that, for instance, the site is nothing to do with Microsoft - the domain name is mydomain.com and anything that is to the left of a dot that appears before a domain name should be ignored.

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Posted by GoneandDunit - 4 years ago

I always seem to get these emails when I have ordered something from Amazon, coincidence, maybe!!!

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Posted by Bollydolly-889742 - 4 years ago


I was expecting a parcel which was delivered this morning at 10am

On checking emails, there was a Chronopost advising of delivery today...except it was to my Husbands email account (parcel was ordered on my account) the tracking reference which I checked with La Poste relates to a delivered parcel last September!

Obviously a scam, so thank you Lerome for posting.