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New fosse septique procedure

Posted by Yasminh14 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

Winda - go there - we called at SPANC offices in Colinnee in the morning and the chap came along the same afternoon.

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Posted by winda1 - 4 years ago

We are just in the process and wrote an email and a letter to our SPANC in Bannalac and never received a reply.  I am coming to the conclusion that if you don't send a letter recorded delivery, they just ignore you....as I have been trying to contact SAUR and ERDF, three times each via email, emails are registered as received but have heard nothing back either.  Very frustrating. So if you can go in and see SPANC you won't be waiting around.  We have just gone ahead with a soil test at a cost of €349.  This involved the guy testing the soil with a thing you screw in the ground and measuring.  He came back with a report that you would have handed in for a school project x 4 copies and has told us to keep one for the contractor and the other 3 go to the local Mairie where you fill in a permission to install form and hand that in with the 3 copies.  It then takes under a month for permission to be granted.  Thats as far as we have got.  We have been told that we need a special treatment fosse due to the soil type, run of the land  and lack of space between neighbours.  A  7k litres fosse has been recommended that has 3  chambers and two run off pipes for filtering.  A massive tank for just the two if us, more expensive,  but not so disruptive to the rest of the garden on installing.  We shall see!

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Posted by Rover56 - 4 years ago


I was always under the impression that it was the vendor's responsibility to provide the soil report

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Posted by Yasminh14 - 4 years ago

That's great, thank you both for your helpful replies.  Will be in touch with SPANC a.s.a.p.

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Posted by Bob Bowen-382240 - 4 years ago

Yes, SPANC should be your first port of call. In Baud they arranged the etude de sol, I was lucky as my house is on farm land, good draining and no granite. They gave me a price using their local preferred contractor, which I was able to compare with three I got myself. Their price was not only cheaper but it included the etude, and the emptying of my old fosse. Their contractor was prompt, efficient and he relayed my gravel drive when finished. When finished I got the bill, and because he had hit no snags it wss cheaper the thecquote.



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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

We found it easiest to get SPANC along first - they were really helpful and ran through a list of options availaable to us - even discussing what plans we had for he garden  (ie pond) so we could accomodate everything to best advantage.

We decided on which system we wanted and asked him for a list of enterprises to do the work and chose one of them in the knowledge that all would be done and passed. The enterprise was very reasonable and about a month afterwards the Spanc man cameback and signed off the job. After that we got a Spanc bill for abut 110 euros.