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New mattress recommendations

Posted by Ready Brek - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by yvonitsa - 4 years ago

What type of mattress does one buy for a slatted bed base, please?

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Posted by RHS35 - 4 years ago

Forgot to add when I refer to coil sprung I mean pocket springs these are the sort that react individually. Brilliant concept and make wonderful comfy mattress but on slatted bases a no no im afraid.

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Posted by RHS35 - 4 years ago

Exactly thats why we used to recommend covering the slat base with thin board / ply or thick cardboard.

Glad you found the info helpful


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Posted by Ready Brek - 4 years ago

Thank you again for your replies, I've now got a lot more to go on and some really useful info.

I especially didn't realise that we shouldn't have put our sprung mattress directly onto a slatted base - maybe that is why is has become so lumpy!

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

There are some websites that you camplete a 'questionnaire' about your sleeping preferences. It then provides you with a 'grade' suitable to you. Hubby and I did it independantly and fortunately both came out with the same! We then ordered online from CDiscount - it's brilliant as it even has a summer and winter side.

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 4 years ago

We bought memory foam mattresses for all our Gite beds and they are so comfortable we bought one ourself, this is where we got it from, it come in a roll (like a rug) and when you release it from the plastic sleeve it expands (can take 24 hours) and at £139.99 an absolute bargain !


We had ours delivered to friend in the UK for free and picked them up (5 in total) on a trip over in our estate car.

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Posted by Tryval - 4 years ago

OP, regarding BUT, we found them, BUT, in Redon, very, very helpful patient, keen for us to lie on, try it (not the full monty btw), it did cost a bit, but a good nights sleep etc, is worth paying a premium for I think.

Had latex, memory foam etc, etc, but they don't breathe, i.e. "sweaty", a good sprung matress better 'alround'!

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Posted by dancingqueen-424771 - 4 years ago

We have bought 2 wonderful  divan beds and mattresses from Beaux Reves...great service,  good prices, delivery, and can take old bed/mattress away.

Just google the name and the details come up.

Sweet Dreams!

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Posted by RHS35 - 4 years ago

I was a soft furnishing specialist in UK for over 20yrs,

First you need to establish the exact size of your base as Ikea matts come up longer @ 200cm and brit singles and standard doubles are 190cm.

Secondly there are so many different spring gauges and types ie coil sprung z sprung and of course latex.

Do you both need the same density of mattress as you can buy zip & link this means if one of you prefer softer or harder you need not have the same.

Is the base of you bed divan solid or slatted with gaps? if so this can affect the performance of your mattress. Never buy a coil sprung matt and place on a slatted base unless you cover the slatted base with thin board of even cardboard over the whole thing.Reason ??? because coil springs act individually and will eventually migrate to the gaps in your slatted base and messes it up and eventually leads to the collapse of the line of coil springs.

Also if a mattress has a guarantee / warranty make sure this applies if adding it to your own base as when I was in the trade the manufactures Guarentee/warranty were void.

I know this is a minefield and as others have said a 10 min lie down on a mattress in a shop will not give you a real feel for how it will be.

Also I advise having a cotton damask or cotton/linen drill covered fabric it breaths as its natural and extremely hard wearing. Knitted polyester is sweaty and can ladder and doesnt last as long. Stitch bonded fabric the cheapest of the cheap ok for occasional use but i would personally avoid.

A cotton damask mattress with tufts is fab and what we always go for as the tufts really do help keep all the interior springs and felts in place a lot longer t han something that is just top stitched.



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Posted by Ready Brek - 4 years ago

Many thanks, plenty of food for thought. I didn't know about them being vacuum packed - maybe time to take a trip to IKEA and have a measure up.