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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by BretonMike - 3 years ago

I was with Nordnet. I found that if the modem was left switched on when not using the internet, there was still traffic on the line.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

We were with Nordnet for several years and we owned the equipment but they insisted we didn't own it even though we sent the details,which they denied receiving,so sent it all back to them and they still charged 70e as they said a part was damaged,every I spoke too seemed to think for what I did on the computor was highly unlikly to use 20gb in a week.but free from them now.sabc15.

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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 3 years ago

Hi sabc15, thank you for your reply. I think if I was new to Nordnet I could perhaps understand it but I've been with them for several years. I only use the internet for browsing and emails and nothing has changed so it's hard to comprehend...it's disappointing but I can only think that they don't really like the basic contract and want customers to move up to the next level which is now quite a lot more expensive. My suspicion is that they can't really raise the price of the 'entry level' contract as they need to be competitive but then  need to get everyone to move up a stage to make money? I do own the equipment so maybe a change to another provider is the answer...

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

Hi. we were with Nordnet,we had the same problem,despite complaining they were insistent the usage was correct,we got Bartyb to check our usage,took away the boy's,mobile phone ,x boxes etc,etc,but never made any difference,so cancelled the contract (3mnth notice) sent back their equipment,they said that I was using 20gb in 6 days,I was topping up 2/3 times a week,on the recommendation of Bartyb we changed to Tooway,never been over the limit since.sabc15.

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Posted by hillhead - 3 years ago

Has someone hacked into your account?

I would try changing your password.