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PAYG sim

Posted by drumshade - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by genie-382498 - 3 years ago
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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

Have a look at this if you don't use the phone a lot it's great http://mobile.free.fr/

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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

I just use an orange PAYG sim , uk one , was 99p posted to e in France . I normally only text , and usuage costs around £10 every 8 months , but appreciate no good for children as they send more than 400 textx a month ? 

You need a UK contact address to register it though . I jjust top up with a free call to orange UK, and coverage in France is fairly good .

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

And people have reported that getting Lycamobile to actually send them the SIM is difficult.

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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago

Lycamobile are good but you would lose the top up and phone number if you fail to use the phone at least once in 90 days (not hard to do?)

From Lycamobile(in English)

I have not used my Lycamobile for a while and it has now stopped working. Why is this?

We automatically deactivate SIM cards if you do not use them to make a call or send a text for more than 90 days. Unfortunately these SIM cards cannot be reconnected and the mobile number also stops being available for you to use after this time.

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Lycamobile you only pay for what you use

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Posted by drumshade - 3 years ago

 thanks for that i take it they take 1.50 a month  untill you run out or top up

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

If you mean the PAYG sim with the least hassle rather than the cheapest,I would say Leclerc which is Reglo mobile, Costs about €14 to start and €1.50 per month thereafter.

The network they use is SFR so check you can get that where you are - having said that I have had no problems with coverage.