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planting in the morbihan

Posted by suky-98776 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by suky-98776 - 4 years ago

Many thanks.  Gosh we;ve a lot to learn.  Still something to look forward to after such a long winter and still is as far as I'm concerned!

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Posted by ltinerant ChiId - 4 years ago


Copy and paste the above web address into your browser and it will give you the official date after which there will be no frost. 

My French vegetable gardening obssesive partner swears by it.

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Posted by lqe29a - 4 years ago

I have been here a year and am slowly learning, near Josselai the soil is acid so do not plant alkaline loving planta as you will lose them as I did.  I was told the season is 3 weeks longer either end compared to the UK.  Vegetables can be difficult and need plenty of fertiliser and good compost.  It is also warmer than the UK so keep an eye on the watering.  A gardening club would be an asset but to date have not found one.


Good Luck.

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Posted by bretonlion - 4 years ago


Welcome to Morbihan .. 

As the department is large, where abouts are you going to live ..?

As for frosts, very rare to get below minus in May ..  but it can happen..

As for when ..   two weeks ealier than mainland UK.. checkout the UK websites for dates, as you come from Australia..

As for problems .. Tomatoes need to be covered due to the risk of blight..

That is just a couple of things .. I am sure there will be other AI'ers who will tell you more ..