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Poubels, rubbish, dustbins.

Posted by enthuisiasm - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

Having had some experience of DD's going wrong in the UK, such as paying the mortgage twice in one month - as soon as they did that they were off DD and we used to send them a cheque on demand-put's you in charge-not them. 

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Posted by Kanak - 3 years ago

Sounds like an error somewhere.  I had similar charges, and the first two bills came close together, but for one third of the annual total (three instalments per year, the last of which I believe will be adjusted if I have more than 18 emptyings).

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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 3 years ago

At least here in the UK Fitter there is a guarantee that if anything wrong is done via DD you report it and it is put right straight away. May have come in after you left UK but it's been the "law" for many years now.


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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

Presumably contact the waste company - Violia perhaps, depends where you are.

Glad we've still got communal bins!

Personally - I have always avoided direct debits like the plague because of precisely what you describe, both here and before in the UK.