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Posted by RodMansell - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by mario-10043604 - 3 years ago

Hi there


What and when are you looking to move? Im a driver on there, its a good site but if you want to avoid the comission on there you can give me a call on 0686284697



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Posted by fredbloggs2 - 3 years ago

I must admit I used them to move 2 motorbikes back to the UK with good results , but I have tried to use them again and never even got an answer from them , I tried a few times then gave up ..

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

With the positive experience and advice it would seem this is a good option that uses the internet to your advantage. It you choose not to do that it is your choice.

However, you need to recognise that sevices offered are not free - you pay something to e-bay and amazon. Indeed Tesco charge listing fees so you even pay such fees in shops - albeit that they are hidden.

So if you choose not to save money your choice, pointless berating a facilitator of services that can work to your benefit. 

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

I have used Anyvan on several occasions,they bought a tractor over from UK,also used them for item bought on Ebay,never had a problem.sabc15.

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

Seems to me RodMansall that you didn't provide your first post wanting recommendations on AnyVan, good or bad but as a way towards venting your own feelings.  Why didn't you do that in the first place?


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Posted by Cumbrian-440719 - 3 years ago

Used a few times in the UK and a friend used them from France to Wales. Very reasonable and efficient.

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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

I have used them several times and never had a problem. Very cost effective.

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Posted by RodMansell - 3 years ago

Thanks, but i think id rather find a local courier or find someone recommended.

I have heard some bad things about Anyvan. Drivers not turning up. The deposit money which you pay does not go to the driver, it is not a deposit at all, it is commission for listing and releasing details of courier.

So i will stay clear, plenty of good couriers around, just means a bit of extra searching. Pay the courier the extra money not Anyvan.


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Posted by kindling - 3 years ago


Have used Anyvan a few times in UK and understand they are now undertaking moves to France.   They are very competitive and I have no complaints, but make sure you use a contractor with a high percentage feedback and one that also offers insurance.  Good luck.