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Posted by Albert.Bunfight - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by AnnM-445558 - 3 years ago

Hi bit late in seeing this but we had a beautiful job done on our pointing by a local guy who's in St Nicolas des Eaux. He is very busy as is good but would be worth waiting for. Our house is in le Resto, Bieuzy les Eaux.56 


Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

With the last post in mind,I would also say measure how much water you use and be consistant with that measurement as the colour can differ if the texture of the mix diiffers. A very wet mix will often result in a lighter finish.


Jamie xx

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Posted by boyirish - 3 years ago

the colour will depended on the sand u use best to get all at same time to keep colour same

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Very kind words chris,thank you , May your hens lay at record levels :-)

I would also advice that you keep clear of people who will offer you a price per m2 without looking at what the job entails.

If you have decent sized stone and decent gaps then it can be easy to speed along. If there are lots of small stones (especially those of a slate fashion) it can take a lot of time to work the wall to create someting that will look nice when pointed,and if those stones are small and very close together then it will take longer.

If you have very small stones in between the larger ones and they only take up a very small space,it will be much nicer in the end if you either knock them out or knock them in enough so that you can get the pointing to flow evenly between the stones. If you get yourself a square ended masonry hammer with a point on the other side,this will help you loads. The sharp edges of the square side are for dressing and breaking the stone,where the pointy end is utile for raking out the rubbish from between the stones.

Depending on how the wall was originally done,the raking out and preperation can take almost as long as the pointing. This is a worst case scenario however.

Very best wishes again


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Posted by bretonlion - 3 years ago


Scaffolding is the best way to get to the higher places .. you can move around a lot easier .

Why so much is charged..  because of that .. the walls have to be cleaned, the old mortar removed, which is a horrible dirty and /or dusty job at the best of times .. Missing stone or holes need to be filled.. Then you have to mix the new lime mortar and apply it .. this can take time .. depending on the finish you require...

Jamie, Itinerant Child, will help you on all this, as he is a very capable person, who can be trusted to show you the best way of doing this.



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Posted by sea shore - 3 years ago

I enjoy pointing, once I get going, as it is fairly straightforward and satisfying. The big problem is working height, working higher or lower than is comfortable is a pain therefore you need some sort of adjustable scaffolding or platform.

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Hi Albert, if you have not found anyone yet or do not find anyone in the next couple of weeks,then I will be more than happy to drop by and have a good chat about pointing and how to do it well with the end result showing off the stone rather than just a wall that has lots of visible product on it.

I have done a few houses for friends and could show you some finished results that I have on my computer.

The biggest quality that you need is the ability to relax and be patient. The moment you start trying to step outside of being patient and methodical,it starts to lose that artisanal look.

The last house that I did for my friends up in burgundy was done with a ready made product bought from castorama,and although I can not remember the exact name of it,I can send off an email to find out if it helps you.

This way does cost a bit more for the product,but I personally found that because of the nice creamy finish when mixed it offers a much more pliable product and is much more user friendly.

I shall be gardening in loyat and guilliers in a couple of weeks time so could drop by to advise you on doing it yourself if you fancy it!

Very best wishes


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Posted by Albert.Bunfight - 3 years ago

Hi sea Shore

Yes Breton Lion is correct the Lady who has done this has made a good job of it and if like me she had pleny of time on her hands then there is no need to rush at it, it has inspired me to have a go myself , I am just worried about how i get up to the high bits as i am getting on a bit. Also i think it will be a lot cheaper as I have been quoted £35.00 per M2 which I cannot see how it can be that expensive as it is only Lime and sand or am i missing something


Best regards




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Posted by dabbityduck-384379 - 3 years ago

Artisan yardstick - €35 per square metre

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Posted by sea shore - 3 years ago

My neighbour's house is a large, tall stone building which is beautifully Pointed. She did it all herself while she was in her mid 50s, I square metre or do a day for several months! Every now and then she brings old friends around so I will confirm that it is all her own work, they don't believe her.